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Shaver Lake Recreation

by Aakash singh

Shaver Lake is a popular destination that offers you opportunities to boat, camp, hike, fish, picnic, and enjoy the beauty of the place.


The lake is surrounded by Sierra National Forest’s thick pine forests. The Shaver Lake area has a varied terrain having lush green meadows and massive granite outcroppings. The lands around the lake and the recreation sites there are owned by Southern California Edison (SCE). Pacific Light and Power Corporation built this lake as part of the Big Creek Hydroelectric project to generate water electricity. You can reach Shaver Lake by taking Highway 168 through the community of Shaver Lake.

Where is Shaver Lake Recreation Area

Shaver Lake Recreation Area is located in Fresno County, California, USA.

Places to Visit Near Shaver Lake Recreation Area

  • Logging Town
  • Huntington Lake
  • Florence Lake
  • Edison Lake
  • Mono Hot Springs
  • Yosemite National Park
  • Kings Canyon National Park
  • Sequoia National Park

Things to Do in Shaver Lake Recreation Area

  • Campground Camping and Cabins
    • Bretz Mill Campground
    • Dorabelle Campground
    • Swanson Campground
  • Lake and Pond Fishing
  • Picnicking at:
    • Dorabelle Picnic Site
    • Swanson Campground
  • Water Activities including Motorized Boating

Shaver Lake Recreation Area Hiking

Shaver Lake Recreation Area offers around 35 miles of multi-purpose hiking, mountain biking, and horse riding trails. Take a morning hike in the woods to reach the local trails such as Twin Lakes Trail, Big Creek Railroad Grade, Dusy Ershim, Brewer Lake, Kaiser, Dinkey Lakes, etc. Shaver Lake Volunteers maintain these trails around Shaver Lake.

Best Hikes in Shaver Lake Recreation Area

  1. Dinkey Lakes Trail

    This trail is a 10.8 kilometre (6.7 mi) heavily trafficked moderately challenging loop trail. The Dinkey Lakes Trail will take you around three and half hours to complete. June-October is the best time to hike, camp, and backpack on this trail.

  2. Stevenson Falls

    Stevenson Falls trail is one of the best trails for hikers. You have to hike this 11.3 kilometres (7 mi) moderately trafficked out and back trail that takes you to a waterfall to enjoy. This trail will also take you around three and a half hours to complete.

  3. Bald Mountain Trail

    Bald Mountain trail is a 10 kilometre (6.2 mi) moderately trafficked out and back trail that features beautiful wildflowers. March-October is the best time to visit this trail, which offers you many activity options. This difficult trail will take you more than three and a half hours to complete.

  4. Shaver Lake Trail

    This is a 3.5 kilometre (2.2 mi) short, lightly trafficked out and back trail that is best for hiking, running, and walking. You can access Shaver Lake Trail around the year. A paved road in this route ends near Osprey Cove’s Boy Scout Camp. It will take you around 1 hour to complete the hike.

  5. Strawberry Lake OHV Trail

    A difficult trail of 7.2 km (4.5 mi) is best for ohv/off-road driving, fishing, and camping. You can access Strawberry Lake OHV Trail all year round.

All Hiking Trails in the Shaver Lake Recreation Area

  • Big Creek Railroad Grade Trail
  • Shaver Lake Lakeview Trail
  • Bald Mountain OHV Road
  • Granite Ridge Loop
  • Ely Mountain
  • Brewer Lake OHV Trail
  • Upper Dinkey Creek Loop from Cow Creek Quarry
  • Balsam Forebay
  • Kings River Trail
  • Mystery Lake via Dinkey Lakes Trail
  • Maxson Trailhead to Hobler Lake
  • Dusy-Ershim OHV Short Route
  • Bald Mountain and Shaver Lake OHV Loop
  • Shaver Lake to Dinkey Creek Road
  • McKinley Grove of Giant Sequoias
  • Dinkey Lakes and Dusy-Ershim OHV Loop
  • Cliff Lake via Dinkey Lakes Trail
  • Cliff Lake Trailhead to Helms Meadow Loop
  • China Peak Mountain Resort
  • Voyager Rock to Hobler Lake
  • Florence Lake to Long Lake Trail
  • Musick Mountain Trail
  • Lake Thomas Edison Loop via Bear Ridge
  • Stevenson Creek Road

Shaver Lake Recreation Area Facts

  • Shaver Lake Recreation Area is spread across 34.491 sq mi (89.330 sq km).
    • Land area: 32.214 sq mi (83.433 sq km)
    • Water area: 2.277 sq mi (5.897 sq km)
  • It was created in 1927 by the Pacific Light and Power Corporation (later named Southern California Edison)
  • Shaver Lake’s Camp Edison provides 252 camping sites.

Best Time To Visit Shaver Lake Recreation Area

Winter is the best time to visit Shaver Lake because the temperature remains mild, with daytime highs revolving around 50 °F (10 °C).

Visiting Hours of Shaver Lake Recreation Area

It remains open round the year.

  • Sierra National Forest Headquarters

Hours: Mon-Fri (10 am to 3 pm)

  • Bass Lake Ranger District

Hours: Mon-Fri (8 am to 4:30 pm)

  • High Sierra Ranger District

Hours: Mon-Fri (8 am to 4:30 pm)

Shaver Lake Recreation Area Ticket Prices

  • There is no entry fee in the Shaver Lake Recreation Area.
  • Parking Passes:
    • US$25.00 per 3 Day Pass
    • US$15.00 per Single Day Pass
  • Entrance Fee (children under 18 free with paid adult):
    • US$12.00 per 3 Day Pass
    • US$ 5.00 per Single Day Pass

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