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South American Politics

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South American Politics in today's world enjoys a certain democratic political rule but it is gained by the the continuance struggle against the decades of dictatorship and the country has passed through a lot of political crisis. Poverty and inequality were the outcome of the left influence as it was highly corrupt and inefficient at that time. Though the Politics in South America has grown economically from the past 20 years but still today the conditions not in much proper shape as it was in the 1950s.

Latin American Politics has experienced a continued period of economic and social deprivation and thanks to the export facilities that had saved it from total destruction. Despite all the evil circumstances Latin America tried to live and lived even in the broad process of Democratization. Political parties and youth organizations around the South America are Argentina-2 , Nicaragua-1, Suriname 1, Peru-2, Brazil1.Political scenario in South America has witnessed the involvement of women's over the past ten years.

The percentage of women in South American Politics is 15% in the executive power and 13-14% in legislative power. According to the sources 5% of the total power in the municipalities is led by women folk. The contribution of women in the South American Politics has lead to the major developments mainly during the wars against the dictatorships.

South American Politics is governed by numbers of political leaders who looks after all the aspects in the political arena. Ten years can hardly make difference in the South American Politics but this region has gained an economic growth for two years and it's a great achievement in the history of American Politics.

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