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Colombia Politics

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Colombia Politics is quite different from the other South American Politics and Political History Of Colombia has proved it from the ages. Party politics forms the centre stage of
Colombian Politics and regular elections are held respectively for the political and civil rights. Colombia Politics has two major traditional parties in the political ground and they are the liberals and the conservatives and they are in power since the mid of nineteenth century and frequently in rotational shifts has became the governing party. The conservative Roman Catholic church plays a major role in Columbia politics in respect to the military in the election of presidents and even in the political socialization of the the Colombians.

Colombia Politics has seen developments under Alvaro Uribe, president of Columbia (2002-2006 ) as he unleashed the main reason behind the drug trade and the guerrillas who prosper by this illegal works and the economic reforms also underwent betterment under his guidance. Mr. Uribe strict actions on drugs has caused a heated friction among the Colombia's neighbor.

Another contradictory feature in Colombia Politics in its democratic tradition is the occurrence of political violence as already an estimated amount more than 1 lakh Colombians died in the War of a thousands day and recently in a civil war more than 2 lakhs died. Guerrilla insurgence also causes death of lots of peoples but the Colombian government always tries to reduce the political accommodations of in equality.

Colombia politics in the 1980s has seen 20% of the population is controlled by 70 percent income and somehow analyses say that all these economic factors have helped the political violence to gear up more in the Colombia politics.