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Bolivia Politics

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Bolivia politics faced inconsistencies since the Pacific war from 1879 to 83, and then passed through the Chaco War of 1932-35 and political instability, to regain democracy in 1982.Bolivia politics in this section tries to explain the present political structure through the politicians and parties.

Politics in Bolivia:
Bolivia is formed by the coalition of a number of parties. The prominent political parties form the basis of the Politics in Bolivia. The group of the important political parties in Bolivia can be seen as
  • Free Bolivia Movement
  • Progress Plan
  • National Unity Front
  • Indigenous Pachakuti Movement
  • New Republican Force
  • Movement Toward Socialism
  • Agrarian Patriotic Front of Bolivia
  • Without Fear Movement
  • Civic Solidarity Union
  • Revolutionary Left Front
  • Christian Democratic Party
  • Nationalist Democratic Action
  • Revolutionary Left Movement
  • Workers Social Union of Bolivia

Bolivian Politics:

Bolivian Politics is supported by the diverse political groups and the individual members of each political group. Names of some prominent politicians of Bolivia will require the mention of:
  • Hugo Banzer
  • Ronald MacLean Abaroa
  • Luis GarcĂ­a Meza Tejada
  • Hormando Vaca Diez
  • Antonio Machaca
  • Juan Lechin Oquendo
  • Armando Loaiza
  • Felipe Quispe
  • Casimira Rodriguez
  • Franz Tamayo
  • Victor Paz Estenssoro

Politics of Bolivia:
The present President of Bolivia, Mr. Evo Morales, who won the election in December 2005, the Foreign minister of Bolivia David Choquehuanca, the Finance minister of Bolivia Luis Alberto Arce, the Interior minister of Bolivia Alfredo Rada and Carlos Villegas the minister of Hydrocarbons in Bolivia, head government of Bolivia as well as the politics of Bolivia.