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Peru Politics

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Peru Politics is the most changeable one in the South American Politics and it had diversified a lot in the recent years. Election in Peru is directly headed by the President (head of the state) and by the legislature.
The president is further elected by the people for five years. Multi party system is followed by the Peruvian government and this process hampers one party to influence any decision making scenes, so collaboration is seen between all the parties. National jury of the electors along with the office of electoral processes takes the charge of the whole election process on the Peru politics.

Political parties in Peru are further categorized under three sub categories and they are Peruvian Aprista Party members, Trotskyist organizations of Peru and Youth wings of political parties in Peru and all of them perform the Peruvian Politics in a cohesive manner. Foreign relation in Peru is also good and the year 1998 witnessed a major peace agreement between Peru and Ecuador and this has almost resolved the differences and conflicts between the nations .Peru is also the member of the United Nations since 1949 and it's even planning to fully integrate in Andean Free trade area.

Political History of Peru has changed a lot. The Deputies who are the centre stage of the Peru Politics are Javier Bedoya, Jorge Del Castillo, Lourdes Flores, Victor Andres Garcia Belaunde and Alan Garcia.

Elections in Peru are held directly through the direct universal suffrage and voting system is mandatory for all the citizens aged eighteen years and thus the Peru Politics are the universal in its own way.