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Venezuela Politics

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The political disturbances started in Venezuela with the economic austerity program planned by president Mr. Perez in 1989
followed by the two coups led by Hugo Chavez and others in1992 and ended with the victory of Chavez in 2004. Here we will deal the present political structure of Venezuela Politics.

Political Parties in Venezuela:

Venezuela has a number of political parties such as the most influential parties or the historical parties or the other less influential parties all contribute to the politics in Venezuela. The most influential Political Parties in Venezuela:
  • Political Electoral Independent Organization Committee
  • Project Venezuela
  • Venezuelan Democratic Party
  • Movement for Socialism
  • United Socialist Party of Venezuela
  • Democratic Action Emergent Vision
  • Only One People
  • Rebirth
  • Liberal Force
  • Movement for Direct Democracy
  • Emergent People
  • National Convergence
Political leaders in Venezuela:

The innumerable political parties in Venezuela has led to rise of many influential Political leaders in Venezuela, from time to time. Some of them famous Political leaders in Venezuela are:
  • Jose Vicente Rangel
  • Roberto Smith
  • Lucas Rincon Romero
  • Leopoldo Sucre Figarella
  • Ali Rodriguez Araque
  • Antonio Rodriguez San Juan
  • Adina Bastidas
  • Jorge Rodriguez
  • Alfredo Catalan
  • Henrique Capriles Radonski
  • Douglas Bravo
  • Federico Brito Figueroa
  • Manuel Felipe Rugeles
  • Andres Eloy Blanco
  • Roy Chaderton
Heads of Politics and Government in Venezuela:

President Hugo Chavez, long a fiery foe of Washington, won re-election on Sunday, facing down cancer and the strongest electoral challenge of his nearly 14 years in office and gaining a new mandate to deepen his socialist revolution. Though his margin of victory was much narrower than in past elections, he still won handily. With 90 percent of the votes tallied, Mr. Chavez received 54 percent, to 45 percent for his opponent, Henrique Capriles, the national election commission said. Fireworks erupted in Caracas after the announcement, and Chavez supporters celebrated in the streets.