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Guatemala Politics

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Guatemala was ravaged by the civil war which continued for a long period of time spanning around 36 years. It had a substantial influence on Guatemala Politics.
It arose between the Mayan rebels and the army of Guatemala. Loss of huge number of people were reported which lead to political upheaval.

Politicians inGuatemala:
Political activity in Guatemala involves a large section of the Guatemalan society. It has a number of political parties which involve an array of famous Politicians in Guatemala such as:
  • José Francisco Barrundia
  • Otilia Lux de Cotí
  • Mario Monteforte Toledo
  • Jorge Briz Abularach
  • Roberto Herrera Ibarguen
  • Eduardo Stein
  • Hector Gramajo
  • Rolando Morán
  • Zury Ríos Montt
  • Pedro Molina Mazariegos
  • Ángel Aníbal Guevara
  • Mario Sandoval Alarcón
  • Rigoberta Menchú
  • Álvaro Colom

Political Parties in Guatemala:
Guatemala is politically very active. This fact can be analyzed from the existence of the varied Political Parties in Guatemala which does not let the Guatemalan government turn arbitrary, through the political criticisms. The following rank among the popular Political Parties in Guatemala
  • Grand National Alliance
  • Social Participative Democracy
  • Guatemalan Party of Labor
  • National Liberation Movement (Guatemala)
  • Guatemalan Republican Front
  • National Unity of Hope
  • Guatemalan Party of Labor - Communist Party
  • National Solidarity Party (Guatemala)
  • Patriotic Party (Guatemala)
  • National Directive Nucleus of the Guatemalan Party of Labor
  • New Nation Alliance
  • Guatemalan National Revolutionary Unity
  • National Advancement Party
  • Guatemalan Christian Democracy
  • Guatemalan Revolutionary Workers Party
  • Socialist Workers Unification

Heads of Politics and Government in Guatemala:
Mr. Oscar Berger became the president of the Republic of Guatemala in 2003. The Mr. Eduardo Stein was declared the Vice-president, and Mr. Hugo Beteta as well as Mr. Gerth Rosenthal were appointed as the Finance minister and the Foreign minister respectively. They occupy the most important position in Guatemalan government and politics and therefore are the Heads of Politics and Government in Guatemala.