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Full name: Territorial Collectivity of Mayotte
Capital City: Moroni
Language: Bushi, French, Maore, Swahili
Currency: Comoran franc in Comoros, euro in Mayotte
Religion: Sunni Muslim, Roman Catholic; Muslim, Roman Catholic
National Anthem: "La Marseillaise"
Newspaper: Le Canal, Malango, One World etc are some of the online newspapers of the country.
Places to Visit: Grande Comore (Ngazidja), Mayotte, Arab Quarter, Mt Ntingui, Nouvelle Mosquée de Vendredi and some other attractive place are also there in the country.
Transport: Airways: frequent flights between major ciities of the counrty are there. Roadways: taxi is available. Waterways: ships are alo there between various importantt places.
Shopping: Local handicrafts, perfume, wine etc are found in cheap price in Mayotte island.

Welcome to the Territorial Collectivity of Mayotte. It is situates in North Africa. The name of the country "Mayotte" originated from the Swahili word "Maote". This word literary means Mahore. Mayotte chose to live under the french rule. So still now this island is under the influence of France. In the country you will find many places to visit. Some of the sixteenth century mosques and the imperial tombs have been preserved in Tsingoni.

Location Of Mayotte
The Mayotte Island is located in the southern region of the African continent. It lies within the Mozambique Channel. In fact this is an archipelago that consists of various small islets. These are Big Comoros, Anjouan and Moheli. Indian Ocean has passed by the eastern region of the country.

Physical Map Of Mayotte
The physical map of Territorial Collectivity of Mayotte contains several highlands, plateaus and lowlands on its face. The Mount Karthala is situated on the Grande Comore. Among the various uplands, the one that claims the highest altitude in the country is the Benara. It rises almost 660 meter above the sea level. On the other hand the lowest point of the country is the level of the Indian Ocean.

Mayotte Flag
Flag Of Mayotte
A flag of a nation does not only represent the individuality of the country, it also signifies the characteristics of the nation. The flag of Territorial Collectivity of Mayotte is rectangular shaped. The background is white. In the middle of the white space the coat of arms is featured. On the top of the flag the nation's name is written in red block letters. Below the coat of arms a scroll is featured that shows the slogan, "RA HACHIRI". That can be interpreted, as "We are Vigilant". The coat of arms elements lie between the two seahorses. However this is the local flag, which is not used for official purposes. For official purposes the flag of France is generally used.

Climate Of Mayotte
To talk about the climate of the island Territorial Collectivity of Mayotte, "tropical" is the best word to describe it. Only two seasons are perceptible here. The summer months are generally hot and sultry. The summer continues usually from November to April. On the other hand winter of this country is very cold and also dry. Winter remains there during the months between May and October. During the month between November and May rainfall occurs time to time. Cyclones also take place often in the country.

Flora And Fauna Of Mayotte
•  Flora : The Territorial Collectivity of Mayotte does not have diverse vegetation on its face. Rather there are some limited species of trees in this country. Pine tree grows in large quantity in this country. The vegetation primarily depends on the climate of the place. Some other varieties can also be found in various regions of the country.

•  Fauna : The animal world of the country Mayotte is very rich with various unique species. Different types of birds are found in this country. The major three species of birds are Sunbird, Drongo and White-eye. Besides these the Red-headed Fody is also found in Mayotte and the Comoro islands in large number. Beyond that, turtles are also found here in great number. Three unique species of turtles were there in Mayotte. However two of then have become extinct and only one species has survived. This is the green turtle.

People Of Mayotte
The total population of Territorial Collectivity of Mayotte is about 811,385. The existing religions of the country are Islam and Christianity. French is the official language of the country. However Bushi, Maore and Swahili languages are also spoken very widely in this Island. The people of Mayotte are usually called Mahorais. Most of the inhabitants reside in the small villages of the country, known as Mamoudzou, Dzaoudzi, Pamanzi Be, Chingoni etc.

Art, Culture And Music Of Mayotte
Art : Various local handicrafts and architectural art forms are common in the Territorial Collectivity of Mayotte. Painting is also a very common prctice in thi country. Theater is also a part of the performing arts in Mayotte. In various regions it is performed and is also very popular.

Culture : Mayotte has gradually developed a diverse cultural field in the gathering of the various ethnic groups. The French culture has left a deep impact on the Mayotte culture. Though Muslims rule the majority of the country's population, a number of Christian traditions have also been accepted in the culture of Mayotte. The wedding ceremony in the country is known as "arusi". It is a festival in Mayotte.

Music : Music of the island is influenced by the French music. "taarab" music of Zanzibar is the most common form of music in Mayotte. Some other forms of music are also there in various region of the country.

Economy Of Mayotte
Mayotte's economy is primarily based on agriculture. The agricultural products of the country are ylang-ylang, coffee, vanilla, copra etc. To mention the up growing industries of Mayotte, shrimp industry, construction industry and lobster industry are growing rapidly. The materials that are exported to the foreign countries are the perfume known as ylang-ylang, copra, vanilla, coffee, cinnamon, coconuts and so on. France plays the major role in this export business of Mayotte. However the other nations that take part in this trade are Comoros and Reunion. To talk about the import materials Mayotte largely depends on France for food items. On the other hand tourism is not very developed in this country due to the distant location.