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What are The Longest Glaciers in The Non-Polar Regions?

Longest Glaciers in The Non-Polar Regions
World Map is Showing The Longest Glaciers in The Non-Polar Regions.


If you have been harboring the opinion that glaciers are only formed in the polar regions, then you would be surprised to know that non-polar regions too comprise glaciers. Though 99 percent of them are formed in the polar regions, there are some that are found elsewhere. Not only that, they are incredibly long, spanning many miles.

Listed below are the longest glaciers in the non-polar regions.

Fedchenko Glacier

Fedchenko Glacier is 48 mile long, situated in Tajikistan. The world’s longest glacier in the non-polar regions, Fedchenko covers an area of 270 square miles with a maximum thickness of 3,300 feet. The exact location of Fedchenko is in the country’s Pamir Mountains in the province of Gorno-Badakhshan.

Siachen Glacier

At 47 miles, Siachen Glacier is the second longest glacier outside of the Polar world. A bone of contention between the two warring neighbors – India and Pakistan, Siachen Glacier is located in Karakoram range at the point where the Line of Control between the two countries terminates. The glacier is under the administration of India; however, it has witnessed skirmishes between the troops of both nations. The weather is extremely harsh on Siachen Glacier with temperature plummeting to as low as minus 58 degree Fahrenheit. The entire Siachen Glacier system, including all the tributary glaciers, covers an area of 279 square miles.

Biafo Glacier

The third longest in the non-Polar region, Biafo Glacier is 42 miles long. Located in Gilgit-Baltistan, in Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir, the glacier provides picturesque scenery as well as beautiful campsites. While Mango and Namla are home to wonderful flowers and breath catching waterfall, Baintha has many places where one can indulge in rock climbing. Some of the animals that can be spotted here are snow leopards, Ibex, Himalayan brown bears, and Markhor Mountain Goat.

Brüggen Glacier

Located in Chile, Brüggen Glacier is 41 miles long. Though the fourth longest in the non-Polar regions, it is the longest in the Southern Hemisphere. Covering an area of 488 square miles, the glacier is named in honor of Juan Brüggen Messtorff, a German geologist.

Baltoro Glacier

The 39 mile long Baltoro Glacier is the fifth longest in the non-Polar regions and is located in Gilgit-Baltistan in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. It is also home to many peaks including the much famed K2 which is the region’s highest mountain. Once can gain access to the glacier Skardu, a town in Gilgit-Baltistan.

South Inylchek Glacier

With a length of 37.6 miles, The South Inylchek Glacier is the sixth longest glacier in the non-Polar regions. Located in Kyrgyzstan, China, and Kazakhstan, the glacier is the fastest moving in the Central Asian country of Kyrgyzstan. The North and South Engilchek Glaciers are the two arms of the main glacier. Though it is largely in Kyrgyzstan, the uppermost approx. 8 miles kms that comprise the North Engilchek Glacier, is located in Kazakhstan, while the uppermost approx. 10 miles is located in China.

Batura Glacier

Batura Glacier is located in Gojal region in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and is 35 miles long. The region comprises beautiful scenery and amazing flora and fauna. While juniper trees and roses are a common sight, animals such as yaks, sheep, goats etc are visible the whole year round.

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