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Louisiana Topographic Map

by poonam bisht

The physiography of Louisiana is clearly highlighted in the Topographic Map. Gulf Coastal Plain covers the entire area of Louisiana.

Louisiana Topographic Map

The eight feet high elevation in the New Orleans is the lowest point of Louisiana. Whereas the 535 feet high Driskill Mountain is the highest elevation of the state of Louisiana. The Louisiana Topographic Map points out the marshes, coastal swamps, floodplains and estuarine waters that are an integral part of the state’s physiography. The southern fringe of Louisiana comprises coastal-delta region and includes coastal lowlands and Mississippi Delta.

The rolling hills on the eastern and western part of the alluvial plains are other significant components of the topography of the state. Rivers and lakes also form a major section of the Louisiana topography. Pearl, Sabine, Red, Mississippi and Atchafalaya are some of the prime rivers of Louisiana. The 2500 coastal islands are an important part of the topography of Louisiana. Lake Pontchartrain, covering a total area of 620 sq miles, is the largest lake of the state of Louisiana. The topographic map of Louisiana, in a way, offers a comprehensive overview of all the physiographic traits of the state. The Louisiana state map is known to offer a detailed insight into the diversified topography of the place.

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