Eureka Map, California

Eureka is situated within California's Redwood Empire and it is the largest deep- water protected port in between San Francisco Bay and Puget Sound.

The Eureka city of California has a total area of 14.4 square miles among which 9.4 square miles is land and 5 square miles is water. The population density of Eureka is 2,764.5 people and the city can be categorized into number of races.

The major population is of white race and they contribute about 83% of the population. The average temperature of Eureka city in California is about 13 degree and the winters are mild and rainy whereas the summers are moderate. Eureka experiences fog throughout the year as it has coastal regions nearby it.

The history of Eureka says that the Wiyot people are the indigenous people of this area and they were related to the fishery and the basketry management. After the end of 1850, the Europeans ventured in Eureka and simultaneously overwhelmed the Wiyot. Initially the economy of the country was based on timber, fishing and in supplying gold mining efforts inland but later all of them diminished by twentieth century. Presently the major industries of Eureka in California are timber, tourism, services and health care sectors. The renowned St. Joseph Hospital in Eureka is the largest employer in Eureka and is a private organization.

Eureka is voted one among the best 100 small towns in America and it's on the basis of cultural resources and other such favorable attributes. The tourism industry is favored due to the presence of extensive lodgings, dining facilities along with shopping outlets through out the city. Some specialty of the Eureka shops houses various beautiful art and handicrafts of this city.

Major event of Eureka includes the art and cultural festivals and they are numerous like the Redwood coast Music festivals and the Rhododendron festival. Eureka in California has a vibrant musical and art background and the city is much famous for the cultural idiosyncrasies. The attractions of Eureka include various architectural monuments, museums along with the zoological parks.

Along with a rich historical background the Eureka offers, plethora of recreational activities and they all make Eureka unique among rest of the cities in California.