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Los Padres National Forest Map

by Aakash singh

Los Padres National Forest Map offers outdoors enthusiasts a valuable tool for exploring the national forest.

Los Padres National Forest Map

This National Forest in southern and central California of the USA is one of the largest national forests in the state. It encompasses around two million acres of land.

This national forest includes a significant portion of the coastal mountain ranges. It extends from Los Angeles County’s west boundary to mid-Monterey County on the north for around 220 miles (354 km). Millions of recreational visitors visit Los Padres National Forest every year thanks to the terrain variety, vegetation, riparian areas, desert badlands, subalpine forest, ocean beaches, scrub, and other recreational settings.

Places to Visit Nearby

  • Limekiln State Park
  • Sand Dollar Beach
  • Mill Creek Picnic Area
  • Pacific Valley Bluff Trail
  • Mill Creek Picnic Area
  • San Antonio River Bridge

Things to Do in Los Padres National Forest

  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • OHV Riding
  • Snow playing

Los Padres National Forest Hiking

  1. Jesusita Trail to Inspiration Point

    Enjoy panoramic views over The American Riviera from the Inspiration Point. Take the moderately challenging 7.55 to a 7.95-mile round trip trail that will make you scale a height of 1,800 feet (549 m). Complete this hike in the Santa Ynez Mountains will take you around 4 hours and 15 minutes.

  2. Rattlesnake Canyon Trail

    Best for hiking, horse riding, and running, Rattlesnake Canyon Trail is a 4.4 mi (7.1 km) long, heavily trafficked out and back trail. Situated near California’s Santa Barbara, it is accessible year-round.

  3. Red Rock Trail

    Red Rocks Trail at Red Rocks Park is a 6 mile (9.7 km) round loop trail that will take you around 3 hours to complete. Just 25 minutes’ driving distance from Denver, you can visit this trail for hiking and mountain biking all year round.

  4. Romero Canyon Trail

    Romero Canyon Trail is a 6 mi (9.7 km) long, heavily trafficked loop trail that is best for hiking, mountain biking, running, and walking. This moderately challenging trail near California’s Santa Barbara remains accessible throughout the year.

  5. Tunnel Trail

    The Tunnel Trail provides you with all kinds of scenic views, waterfalls, pools, and scrubs. It ends near the Santa Barbara Botanic Gardens, a great place to stroll. Los Padres tunnel trail is 7.5 mi (12.1 km) long and is perfect for hiking, mountain biking, horse riding, and running.

List of Trails in Los Padres National Forest for day hiking and backpacking:

  • Monterey Ranger District: Backpacking and Day Hiking

    • Arroyo Seco Trailhead
    • Buckeye Trail
    • Cone Peak Lookout – 4E12
    • Cruickshank Trail
    • Pine Ridge Trail from China Camp
    • Pine Ridge Trailhead from Big Sur
    • Pine Valley – 1E02
    • Prewitt Loop – 5E06
    • Salmon Creek Trail
    • Willow Creek – 5E08
  • Monterey Ranger District: Backpacking

    • Anastasia Canyon
    • Arroyo Seco
    • Big Pines – 1E02
    • Big Sur – 3E07
    • Black Cone – 3E14
    • Carmel River – 3E03
    • Carrizo – 3E10
    • Church Creek – 3E05
    • Danish Creek – 2E10
    • De Angulo – 2E07
    • Gamboa-Stone Ridge – 4E11
    • Girard – 4E17
    • Hennickson’s Ridge – 3E04
    • Horse Pasture – 4E05
    • Jackson Camp – 2E08
    • Junipero Serra Peak – 6E01
    • Kirk Creek Trail – 4E17
    • Little Sur – 1E02
    • Little Sur Camp – 2E09
    • Los Padres Dam-Big Pines – 1E02
    • Marble Peak – 4E07
    • Mill Creek Trail – 5E19
    • Miller Canyon – 3E04
    • Mount Manuel – 2E06
    • North Coast Ridge – 3E10
    • Puerto Suelo – 3E08
    • Rattlesnake Creek – 2E11
    • Rocky Creek Trail
    • Salisbury Potrero – 26W01
    • San Antonio – 5E04
    • Santa Lucia – 6E01
    • Skinner Ridge – 1E04
    • South Fork – 3E09
    • Spruce Creek – 6E10
    • Terrace Creek – 3E22
    • Tin House – 2E04
    • Turner Creek – 1E02
    • Ventana Double Cone – 2E02
    • Vincente Flat Trail
  • Mt. Pinos Ranger District: Backpacking and Day Hiking

    • Chula Vista Trailhead
    • Chumash Wilderness
    • Deal Canyon – 24W10
    • East Tumamait Trailhead – 21W03
    • Fishbowls Trailhead – 21W05
    • Frazier Mountain Trailhead – 20W03
    • Gene Marshall-Piedra Blanca (Reyes Creek TH)
    • Johnston Ridge Trailhead – 20W12
    • Little Mutau Trailhead 20W10
    • Ozena – 23W42
    • Rancho Nuevo Trail – 24W03
    • Reyes Creek Group Campground
    • Stonehouse – 20W35
    • Thorn Point Trail
    • Upper Rancho Nuevo – 24W03
    • West Tumamait Trailhead – 21W03
  • Mt. Pinos Ranger District: Backpacking

    • Montgomery Potrero Trail
  • Mt. Pinos Ranger District: Day Hiking

    • McGill Campground
    • McGill Exploration Trail Mt. Pinos Ranger District
    • McGill Group Campground
    • McGill Trail – 21W02
    • Mt. Pinos Campground
  • Ojai Ranger District: Backpacking and Day Hiking

    • Agua Blanca Trail – 19W10
    • Alder Creek – 20W11
    • Chorro Grande – 23W05
    • Cosy Dell – 23W26
    • Dough Flat Trailhead
    • Gridley Trail- 22W05
    • Horn Canyon Trail- 22W08
    • Howard Creek – 22W26
    • Johnston Ridge – 20W12
    • Lion Canyon – 22W06
    • Middle Lion Campground
    • Middle Sespe Trail
    • Murietta – 24W07
    • North Fork – 22W02
    • North Fork Matilija – 23W07
    • Piedra Blanca Trailhead (Rose Valley Area) Ojai
    • Pine Mountain Campground
    • Pothole Trail – 18W04
    • Potrero John – 23W06
    • Pratt – 23W09
    • Red Reef Trail Ladybug to Sespe
    • Red Reef Trail Sisar Ridge Rd to Nordhoff Ridge Rd
    • Reyes Peak Campground
  • Ojai Ranger District: Day Hiking

    • Reyes Peak Trail
    • Rose-Lion Connector – 22W16
    • Sespe River Trail
    • Sespe Wilderness
    • Rose Valley Campground
    • Upper Rose Valley Lake Day Use Area
    • Wheeler Gorge Campground
    • Wheeler Gorge Nature Trail
    • Wheeler Gorge Visitor Center
  • Santa Barbara Ranger District: Backpacking and Day Hiking

    • Camuesa Connector
    • Cold Springs Trail – East Fork
    • Matias Potrero
    • Matias Potrero Connector
    • Nineteen Oaks Camp on the Santa Cruz Trail
    • Romero Canyon trail
    • San Ysidro Trail
    • Santa Cruz Trail – Upper Oso Trailhead
    • Upper OsoTrailhead
  • Santa Barbara Ranger District: Day Hiking

    • Aliso Canyon Trail
    • Arroyo Burro Trail
    • Cold Springs Trails – West Fork
    • Jesusita Trail
    • McMenemy
    • Rattlesnake Canyon Trail Santa Barbara
    • Red Rock
    • Red Rock Trailhead
    • Snyder Trail
    • Tunnel Trail
  • Santa Lucia Ranger District: Backpacking and Day Hiking

    • Davy Brown Campground
    • Garcia Wilderness
    • Lower Manzana Trailhead
    • Machesna Mountain Wilderness
    • Manzana Creek to Manzana Schoolhouse WEST (Lower)
    • Manzana Trailhead EAST (Upper) Nira
    • McKinley Trailhead
    • Nira Campground
    • San Rafael Wilderness
    • Santa Lucia Wilderness
    • White Rock Trail – Figueroa Mountain area
    • Willow Springs Trailhead
    • Willow Spur
    • Zaca Peak
  • Santa Lucia Ranger District: Day Hiking

    • Adobe Trailhead
    • Big Falls Trailhead
    • Catway Day Use
    • Cerro Alto Campground
    • Cerro Alto Loop
    • Davy Brown Trail – Figueroa Mountain Rec Area
    • Davy Brown Trailhead
    • Figueroa Campground
    • Gifford Trailhead
    • La Jolla / Ballard Trailhead
    • Pino Alto Day Use Picnic Area
    • Rinconada Trailhead
    • White Rock Trailhead

Facts about Los Padres National Forest

  • Los Padres National Forest is spread across 2,970 sq mi (7,700 sq km).
  • It was established in December 1936.
  • This national forest provides you with a scenic backdrop for the communities of San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ojai.

Where is Los Padres National Forest

Los Padres National Forest is located in California, USA. The major cities located near Los Padres National Forest are Big Sur, Santa Barbara, and Santa Ynez. Check this California National Parks Map to find Los Padres National Forest on the California Map.

Best Time To Visit Los Padres National Forest

Spring and fall seasons are the best time to visit the national forest because the temperature remains comfortable and the crowd is relatively small.

Visiting Hours

It remains open round the year. Big Sur Station Multi-Agency Visitor Center remains open daily from 9 am to 4 pm.


  • Forest Adventure Pass Daily Pass: Costs US$5 per day
  • Forest Adventure Pass Annual Pass: Costs US$30 Annually

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