Transport and Communication of Russia

RoadwaysRussia has about 579,740 miles (933,000 km) of roads, 469,135 miles (755,000 km) of which are paved. Generally, the roadways of Russia aren’t very developed or well-maintained resulting in several accidents each year.

* For more see our Russian roadways map.

RailroadsRussian railways are the second largest in the world, following the United States. Russia has a total track length of 54,157 miles (87,157 km), out of which 53,600 miles (86,200 km) runs on broad gauge and 595 miles (957 km) on narrow gauge.

* For more see our Russian railways map.

AirwaysThe total number of airports In Russia is 2,743. Of these, 630 have paved runways whereas 1887 have unpaved runways.

Russia has quite an extensive waterway system. The major ports of Russia are Novorossiysk, Rostov-on-Don, Sochi, Tuapse on the Black Sea; Baltiysk, Kaliningrad, Primorsk, St.Petersburg, on the Baltic Sea; Arkhangelsk, Igarka, Vitino, etc., on the White Sea and other seas of the Arctic Ocean; Kholmsk, Nevelsk, Vladivostok, etc., on the seas of the Pacific Ocean and Makhachkala and Astrakhan on the Caspian Sea.

Telephone/ Mobile network
Telephone/ Mobile network3G network was introduced in 2008 and became widespread in Russia by 2010. Today, mobile network is widespread in all parts of the country and the industry is ruled by three giants, also known as the Big 3, namely MTS, Beeline, and MegaFon. These three companies are jointly responsible for providing all 2G and 3G related services in Russia.

Internet is becoming widespread and easily accessible in Russia with more and more customers logging online for shopping.

Wireless & Communication
One of the countries to introduce radio and television, Russia ranks number one in the number of TV channels in the world. The Ministry of Communications and Mass Media oversees this industry in Russia. Radio Rossii and the Voice of Russia are the most popular radio stations whereas Channel One or Pervy kanal is the local TV channel which is preferred.

Urban and Rural settlements
Russia has a predominantly urban population, with three-fourths of its people living in urban cities. As of 2012, 74% of Russians were inhabiting cities. St Petersburg and Moscow are two of the most populous Russian Cities.

Last Updated on: January 10th, 2018