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Tennis Trophies

The US Open Trophy

The last of tennis’ four Grand Slams, some argue the steamy summer air in Flushing Meadows, New York provides the toughest test for the sport’s best players – but one will find it all worth the trouble when he gets his hands on the polished silver of the US Open Trophy.  Contested since 1881, the tournament has a reputation for being the most fan-friendly of the majors, as players often stick around for on-court interviews in front of the crowd.  And, thanks to a series of floodlights, matches can run late into the evening – even past midnight on a …Continue reading

The Musketeers’ Cup

When most people think of tennis, they imagine white lines and green courts, but those who make it to the French Open to compete for the Musketeers’ Cup find a distinctly different surface.  The red clay at Roland-Garros makes the tournament the most unique venue for any in the sport’s Grand Slam.  Named after a quartet of Frenchmen that led the nation to victory in the Davis Cup in 1928 (the Four Musketeers), it debuted just as the tournament’s popularity was on the rise and shortly after the competition had made the permanent move to Roland-Garros in 1925.  The elegant, …Continue reading

Norman Brookes Challenge Cup

The first of tennis’ four Grand Slams in a calendar year, the Australian Open is akin to a reintroduction to the best players in the world after a long winter off.  At the end of the two-week event, the men’s singles champion lifts the Norman Brookes Challenge Cup, the 17-inch-tall prize for surviving a grueling eight-match run to the title.  Modeled after a piece of ancient Roman sculpture known as the Warwick Vase, it is one of the more outlandish designs ever conceived, featuring large figures along its surface as opposed to the delicate scrollwork featured on the Wimbledon Championship …Continue reading

The Wimbledon Championship Trophy

The bright green grass at the All England Lawn Tennis Club are a welcome sight for the best men and women that swing the racquets, but only a few are true contenders for the Wimbledon Championship Trophy. Awarded at every tournament since 1887, it is one of the smaller trophies in the pantheon of major sports prizes at just a shade over 18 inches tall.  (The ladies’ singles trophy, the Venus Rosewater Dish, is a quarter-inch taller, for comparison.) Despite the somewhat underwhelming proportions, the eyes of the tennis world are transfixed on tournament every spring, without fail. History The tournament …Continue reading