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Who is Michelle Obama

by Vishul Malik

Michelle Obama Introduction The First Lady of the United States of America, wife of the 44th and present President of the United States, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama is famous for…

Michelle Obama Introduction

The First Lady of the United States of America, wife of the 44th and present President of the United States, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama is famous for her charming and

Michelle Obama

confident persona. She is a lady tagged with statuses manifold. She is not only famous for her unique fashion sense, but her stirring speeches have also inspired millions. Her benevolent nature and charitable activities have endeared her to others. Michelle Obama is a role model to many, on a mission to change the vision of the people and to instigate in them a sense of hope and betterment in the world. As the First Lady, she set out to learn the new ways of resolving the contemporary global issues, and it’s this commitment that has been her main focus since the time she has come into limelight.


Early Life, Family and Education

Born Michelle LaVaughn Robinson, on 17January 1964 in Chicago, Illinois, Michelle Obama spent her growing years in a one-bedroom apartment on the South Side of Chicago. She has an elder brother Craig who is elder to her by 21 months. Her father worked as a pump operator in the city and was also a Democratic precinct captain. Marian, her mother was the former secretary of Spiegel, who left her job to become a full-time mommy to Michelle and Craig. There was always an aura of harmony all around the house and the family partook in several activities together such as reading and playing games. Hers was a very conservative upbringing. Michelle’s parents were known to have their roots seeped in the pre-Civil War African Americans. Apart from this, some of her ancestors are also of European and Irish descent. Michelle and Craig learned to read by the time they were four years of age. They were regular churchgoers and attended service at the South Shore Methodist Church. The siblings skipped their second grade. When Michelle was in the sixth grade, she joined the Bryn Mawr Elementary School. She was a gifted student and excelled in her studies. Michelle Obama did her schooling from Whitney Young High School, graduating as class salutatorian in the year 1981. Following her brother’s footstep,  she went on to study Sociology and African-American studies at the Princeton University. She graduated from Princeton University, in the year 1985. She went on to become a product of Harvard Law School, graduating with a Juris Doctor degree in the year 1988.


Her First Job, Meeting Barack Obama, and Marriage

After stepping out of Harvard, she embarked on the next phase of her life by entering the law firm, Sidley Austin of the Chicago branch. She was appointed to work as an associate in the arena of marketing and intellectual property. Barack Obama was then a summer intern and Michelle was appointed to be his adviser. When Barack Obama asked her out on a date she was initially hesitant, as she was against the idea of dating an office colleague. Eventually she yielded and within a span of time the couple fell in love. Two years later, Barack Obama proposed marriage to her. They eventually got married on 3October 1992, at the Trinity United Church of Christ. They were blessed with two daughters Malia Ann in the year 1998, and Natasha in the year 2001. The kids were part of the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools and are presently attending the Sidewell Friends School in Washington.


Her Work Post-Marriage

Her passion to work in the public sector landed her with a job as an assistant to Mayor Daley. She ensued to serve as an Assistant Commissioner of Planning and Development in Chicago city. In the following year 1993, she went on to become the Executive Director of a non-profit organization, Chicago Office of Public Allies. Her goal was to motivate the younger generation to partake in social issues, and to encourage them to build a career in the public sector. After four years of her association with the Chicago Office of Public Allies, she took over a new leaf in the year 1996, and started working at the University of Chicago as an Associate Dean of Student Services. Her presence led to the development of the University’s Community Service Center. In the year 2002, she commenced work at the University of Chicago Hospitals and was honored to be the Executive Director in the area of community relations and external affairs. Later in the year 2005, she was appointed as the Vice President at the University of Chicago Medical Center for community and external affairs. She continued her service with the University of Chicago Medical Center, however; during Barack Obama’s candidacy, she cut down the number of working hours to be able to juggle between her family and professional life. Her association with the Chicago Council on Global Affairs as a Board of Director still continues.


Her Support to her Husband, Barack Obama

The spotlight was on her at the Democratic National Convention in the year 2004, the day Barack Obama delivered ‘the’ distinguished speech. November 2004 saw Barack Obama as the elected member of the US Senate, from the state of Illinois. During Barack Obama’s campaigning, she decided to cut down on her work and campaigned for him two days a week. Her utmost concern and priority is and has always been their two daughters, Malia and Natasha with whom she prefers to spend her maximum time. In the beginning, her involvement in the campaign was almost negligible as she would be a part of the political events only twice a week. However, gradually her participation increased and she made her presence felt at various campaign events. She set out to campaign on the behalf of her husband, delivering speeches, which garnered a lot of criticism. At the initial phase, she could not gather much media attention and she was often regarded as the “angry black woman”. She was also less popular out of the other candidates’ spouses. However, Michelle Obama steadily started coming to the forefront and started playing an active role. At the 2008 Democratic National Convention, her speech made a tremendous impact and won accolades from the media and public. After Barack Obama was elected president in the year 2008, he gave all the credit to his wife Michelle Obama. It was during this period, that she was also tagged as a fashion icon, and had her name inked in a number of esteemed magazines. Her uncompromising and immense support continued during her husband’s 2012 re-election. She traveled, delivered speeches, made public appearances, performing her duties with utmost sincerity and care. Her incredible and moving speeches grabbed a lot of attention. Barack Obama went on to become the US President for the second term.


As the First Lady of the United States

As the current First Lady she continues to render her magnanimous support for her people, supporting the families of military personnel, supporting the arts and arts education, uplifting national service and helping women to balance their professional and personal life. During the initial years of her tenure as the First Lady, she along with her husband visited the soup kitchens and homeless shelter. She also visited various public schools, wherein she emphasized on the significance of public service and education. Being a diet-conscious lady, she has adopted healthy-eating and healthy-living habits for the families of her country. She stands in favor of organic food, and it is upon her instruction that the kitchen of the White House prepares organic food for her family and for her guests. Her motive led her to grow a garden of organic vegetables in the White House too. As per reports, she is the only lady in the administration who took to confront one of the country’s leading health issue – obesity.


Let’s Move!

Continuing her effort in the line of helping the others, Michelle Obama launched a campaign in the year 2010. It was named Let’s Move! The objective of the campaign was to bring the community leaders, doctors, parents, nurses, teachers together to deal with childhood obesity and find a solution. Let’s move! has also its focus on making kids more active, making them healthy and making healthy food more accessible. In the year 2012, she incorporated a new fitness program for the kids in her Let’s Move! campaign.


Other Works

Joining hands with Dr. Jill Biden, Michelle Obama created ‘Joining Forces’, a special initiative which seeks to serve the many needs of people’s employment, wellness and education.



Her name appeared in Essence in May 2006, citing her among the “25 of the world’s most inspiring women.” Vanity Fair crowned her in the list of “10 of the world’s best dressed people”, in the July 2007 issue. Other than this, various magazines penned down their appreciation for her classic, elegant and above all her confident look.


Facts and Information

Full Name Michelle LaVaughn Robinson,
Presently known as Michelle Obama
Born 01/01/64
Place of Birth Chicago, Illinois
Nationality American
Political Party Democratic
Residence Hyde Park Chicago (Private) The White House (Official)
Religion Protestant Christian
Profession Lawyer
Father Fraser Robinson
Mother Marian
Brother Craig Robinson
Marriage Married Barack Obama on 3 October 1992
Daughters Malia Ann Obama and Natasha Obama
Teenage Grew up in a one-room apartment and was a gifted student.
Schooling Whitney Young High School
Education She studied Sociology, and African American studies
Occupation A former lawyer worked in public sectors, currently the First Lady of the United States, wife of the 44thPresident, Barack Obama.
Her Support for her husband Stood as a pillar of support throughout his husband’s presidential campaign. Delivered stirring speeches at various public events.
Lets Move! Campaign Started in January 2010, with an initiative to tackle the problem of obesity in the country.
Recognition Featured in Essence on May 2006, as “25 of the world’s most inspiring women.” Featured in Vanity Fair on July 2007, as “10 of the world’s best dressed people.”


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