Xinjiang Province Map

Xinjiang Province Map

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Xinjiang, one of the largest provinces of China, has some splendid tourist destination sites and attractions.

Xinjiang Ugyur Autonomous Region or Xinjiang province is situated in Northwestern China and is extremely popular for its melons and fruits. It was established as an independent region on October 1, 1955 and covers an area of 1.66 million square kilometers. Xinjiang is a sparsely populated region of China although the province covers one-sixth of China's territorial boundaries. The neighboring provinces and countries of Xinjiang are Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Tibet, Qinghai, Gansu, Tadzhikistan, Kazakhstan, Kirghizstan, Pakistan and India.

Xinjiang Map
The Xinjiang map provides you with detailed information about the major cities of Xinjiang province like Kashgar, Yining, Shihezi, Urumqi, Turpan, Qinggir and Karamay. The Tian Shan mountain ranges lies on the border of Xinjiang-Krygyzstan border and is marked on the map. The province is divided into two basins by the Tian Shan Mountains which separate the western parts from the eastern regions. The northern basin is known as Junggar Basin and the southern basin is known as Tarim Basin. Tarim River is the main river and important deserts include Kumtag, Taklamakan and Dzoosotoyn Elisen.

Xinjiang Demography
The Xinjiang province is most well-known for its natural resources and for a great diversity of people who are culturally very rich. Xinjiang province is divided into 2 regional cities, 14 counties, 5 districts, 61 counties, 5 autonomous prefectures, 6 independent counties and has a population of 19.25 million (as per the 2000 survey). Many minority groups are found in this region and Ugyurs is the largest minority group of the province comprising of 5 million of the total population. They are followed by the Hans, Huis, Russians, Mongolians, Kazaks, Manchus, Xibes, Ozbeks, Daurs, Kirgizes, Tajiks and Tatars. Most of the Ughyur and Kazakh people are Muslim Turks.

How to Reach Xinjiang
Xinjiang is a fairly well-connected province of China and the major transportation hub is Urumqi, the capital city. Urumqi has an International Airport from where one can avail daily flights to Beijing, Guangzhou, Kashgar and other major cities. One can also avail flights to Islamabad and Moscow. One can also catch direct trains to Shanghai, Lanzhou, Beijing, Chengdu and Xian province from Urumqi. The Lanzhou- Xinjiang railway runs for more than 2,000 kilometers and is a principal link which connects Xinjiang to the other parts of China and is the major source of rail network in the region.

However, the best way to reach Xinjiang is by bus since the highway transport system is extremely well-developed. Buses are also the best means to travel all around the city and visit the different tourist attractions as well. A road network which consists of seven national highways and 62 regional highways connects Urumqi with Tibet, Gansu and Qinghai provinces and makes it easier for travelers to visit the province.

Xinjiang travel guide
Xinjiang travel guide is one of the most helpful ways to discover more about this large Chinese province. The province enjoys a desert type of climate and as a result the summers are unbearable while the winters are extremely chilly. The region receives scanty amount of rainfall and hence the best time to visit the region is during the autumn when the temperature is bearable. Some of the popular tourist attractions of Xinjiang include:
  • Sayram Lake
  • Turpan
  • Muztagh-ata
  • Taklamakan Desrt
  • Bayibulak Natural Reserves
  • Luolan Ancient City
  • Kanas Lake
  • Id Kah Mosque
  • Yandang Spectacle in Korla
  • Silk Road
  • Heavenly Lake of Tianshan Mountain
  • Flaming Mountains of Turpan
  • Aydingkol Lake

Apart from these there are other tourist attractions in the province as well since the region boats of many historical attraction sites and scenic spots.

Xinjiang Hotels
While traveling in Xinjiang, some of the well-known Xinjiang hotels where you can opt to stay include :
  • Qinibagh Hotel
  • Silver Star Hotel
  • Hai Tang Hotel
  • Turpan Hotel
  • Wen Zhou Mansion Hotel
  • Silver Star Hotel
  • Turpan Oasis Hotel
  • Friendship Hotel
  • Twin Star Hotel
  • Hetian Hotel
  • Bostan Hotel Korle
  • Islam Grand Hotel Urumqi
  • Xinjiang Hotel Urumqi
  • Hongshan Hotel Urumqi
  • Shihezi Guest House

Apart from these, there are many other hotels which are spread in different parts of the Xinjiang province.

Xinjiang Ugyur Autonomous Region or Xinjiang province has lots to offer to its visitors and one should definitely visit the area for some breath-taking natural views.

Last Updated on: October 13th, 2017