Suzhou Jiangsu

Suzhou is the famous garden city of Jiangsu Province. It is situated in the south of Jiangsu. Summers are hot and humid. The effect of the East Asia monsoon is there on the climate of the city. There is rainfall throughout the year.

The place has often been compared to paradise. The city has beautiful lakes and ponds. The houses have grey tiled roofs. Cotton, silk and wool industries have earned fame worldwide. Suzhou has earned fame for its beautiful sceneries and poets have written beautiful poems on this city.

The city has a very good chain of canals and all these canals meet the Grand Canal The Tiger Hill is a famous tourist destination. King of Wu had been buried here. This hill has such a name because the entrance gate looks like a mouth of a tiger. Secondly people believe that when the king was buried a tiger came there. The Pagoda of Yun Yan is on the top of the hill. Wonderful views can be had from this place.

Suzhou is also famous for pagodas. The twin pagoda at the Twin Pagoda Temple is very striking. The temple has been changed into a school.

There are 150 landscape gardens in Suzhou. These gardens are famous for hills, ponds, terraces, corridors and towers. The Humble Administrator's Garden is renowned for Chinese ink-and-wash paintings. It is not a garden of flowers but paintings. The Liu Garden is the biggest and the best garden.

Suzhou has won the title of the "Most Aspiring City of Prosperity and Civilization in the Southeast" of China.

Last Updated on: October 10th, 2017