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Hebei Province Map

Hebei Province Map

Hebei is a province in China that is known for its historical sites like The Chengde Mountain Resort, The Zhaozhou Anji Bridge and the Ming Wall.

The geographical coordinates of Hebei is 39.819 N Latitude and 115.937 E Longitude.
The Hebei province in China is situated on the northern side of the Yellow River and is flanked by the Taihang mountain on the western side. Beijing and Tianjin are some of the provinces that surround Hebei in China.

Hebei demography
Hebei has a total population of 63 million as counted in the 2001 population survey. Majority of the population constitute of Hans Chinese. Some of the minority communities that also form an integral part of the Hebei population include the Mongols, Korean, Manchu and the Hui Chinese. Some of the other facts about the demography of Hebei are as follows:
  • Birth rate in Hebei: 11.16 births per 1000 population.
  • Death rate: 6.18 per 1000 population
  • Sex ratio: 103.63 males per 100 females
The main language that is spoken in Hebei is Mandarin. Apart from this, the Jin-yu language is also spoken in the western fringes of the province.

Hebei tourism
Hebei is one of the most important tourist destinations in China. Hebei in China has lots to offer to its visitors especially with historical sites like:
  • Ming Great Wall: This site is located in the Shanhaiguan coast and is close to the Qinhuangdao region.
  • The Zhaozhou Anji Bridge: Exemplary of medieval Chinese engineering, this bridge was built during Sui Dynasty. It is considered to be the oldest stone bridge in China.
  • Zunhua and Yixian: An integral part of the World Heritage Sites, both these places house the tombs of monarchs from the Qing Dynasty.
  • The Chengde Mountain Resort: It is enlisted as a World Heritage Site. Also known as Rehe Palace, this place is considered to be the summer retreat of the Qing Dynasty emperors in China. The temples in the nearby areas also form an important tourist destination.
  • Boading: Constituting the old Zhili Governor's Residence, it was once the provincial capital of Hebei.
  • Xibaipo: This site has a memorial that is dedicated to the historical Chinese Civil War.
Some of the popular hotels in Hebei include the following names:
  • Zhongjing Grand Hotel
  • Yunshan Hotel
  • Hebei Century Hotel
  • Mountain Villa Hotel
  • Great Wall Hotel
  • Century Hotel
How to reach Hebei
Hebei travel is easy and convinient as there are several conveyance options available to reach this place. The Shijiazhuang Zhengding Airport is the international transition depot in Hebei that provides frequent flight services to over 30 domestic and international destinations. There are over 44 air routes that diverge from Hebei.

The Hebei province is also connected with other parts of China through railways, roadways and waterways. The province has a highway length of about 40,000 kilometers. Qinhuangdao proves to be an important port in the province. The two most important railway stations include the Shanhaiguan and the Shijiazhuang that connect the province with places like Harbin, Nanjing, Baotou, Shanghai, Jinan and Jiujiang.

One the oldest provinces in Cina, Hebei has evolved into modern province that still retains its traditional charm.

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