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Where is Algeria?

Algeria Location Map Algeria Map
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Algeria, formally the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria is a North African country situated in the Maghreb region of the continent on the Mediterranean coast. The country is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea in the north, Morocco in the west and northwest, Tunisia in the northeast, Libya in the east, Niger and Mali in the south and Mauritania in the southwest. Algeria covers a total area of 2,381,741 sq. km. making it the tenth largest country in the world and the largest country of Africa. Algeria has 998 km long coastline on the Mediterranean Sea. The absolute location of Algeria is 19° and 37°N latitudes and 9°W  and 12°E longitudes. The capital and the largest city of Algeria, the Algiers is located in the north of the country.

Algerians experiences arid and semi-arid climate with wet winters and dry summers. The topography of Algeria is mostly desert and plateaus with few mountainous areas and narrow coastal plains. Economically, as classified by World Bank, Algeria is an upper middle income country, mainly due to the production of petroleum. Algeria is also an OPEC member country since 1969. The culture, literature and art of Algeria reflects its history. Algeria also has many UNESCO World Heritage sites and is growing as a tourist destination country in Africa.

  Facts About Algeria  
Country Name Algeria
Capital and largest cityAlgiers
Area2,381,741 km2 (919,595 sq mi)
Population39,500,000 (2015 Est.)
Lat Long28° 0′ 0″ N, 2° 0′ 0″ E
Official LanguageArabic
Calling Code+213
Time ZoneCET (UTC+01)
Airport31- Airports in Scheduled Service
Neighbour countriesMorocco, Tunisia, Libya, Mauritania, Mali, Western Sahara, Niger
CurrencyAlgerian dinar (DZD)

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