Unalaska Map

Unalaska City Facts

CountryUSA (United States of America)
CountiesAleutians West Census Area
Total Area212.3 sq miles
Lat Long Coordinates53.8889° N, 166.5272° W
Time ZoneAKST (UTC−09:00)
Area Code907
Major ReligionRoman Catholic, Christian
MuseumsMuseum of the Aleutians
UniversitiesUniversity of Alaska
Official Websitewww.unalaska-ak.us/

Unalaska is a city in US state of Alaska. It is a small city and was named after Unalaska Island. The name was the American translation of the Russian name 'Ounalashka'. In 1768, Unalaska became a Russian trading port for the fur seal industry. In 1880, the Methodist Church opened a school and a clinic for orphans in Unalaska and during World War II, Unalaska was attacked by the Japanese. It is also the port city of Alaska with Dutch Harbor lying on its side.

Hotels :
The city has a wide range of hotels of which majority of it serves sea foods. They have a comfortable and mellow atmosphere serving mouth-watering dishes catering to the needs of the visitors. The Grand Aleutian Hotel, Harbor Crown Bunk House, Unisea Inn, Margaret's Bay Cafe, Amelia's, The Chart Room, The Cape Cheerful, Airport Restaurant, Peking Restaurant, Unisea Sports Bar and Cafe at the Inn are some of the well-known hotels and restaurants in the city.

Places of Attraction :
Unalaska has many historical and cultural sites to be visited. The Aleutian World War II Interpretive Center and National Historic Area and Museum of the Aleutians are the historical places in the city. The city has numerous species of birds. Birding in the Aleutians, Wildlife in the Aleutians and Plants & Wildflowers in the Aleutians are the exciting outdoor activities in the city. Involving in local archaeological dig programs and sport fishing are the other interesting activities of the visitors.

Last Updated on: March 30, 2017