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Baltimore Zip Code Map, Maryland

by usavishul

Baltimore Zip Code Map features all the zip codes of Baltimore County. Find here the list of all zip codes of Baltimore County with their cities.

Baltimore Zip Code Map, Maryland

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Maps of Nearby Counties

State County City Zipcode
Maryland BaltimoreBaldwin 21013
Maryland BaltimoreBoring 21020
Maryland BaltimoreBrooklandville 21022
Maryland BaltimoreButler 21023
Maryland BaltimoreChase 21027
Maryland BaltimoreCockeysville 21030
Maryland BaltimoreHunt Valley 21031
Maryland BaltimoreFork 21051
Maryland BaltimoreFort Howard 21052
Maryland BaltimoreFreeland 21053
Maryland BaltimoreGlen Arm 21057
Maryland BaltimoreHunt Valley 21065
Maryland BaltimoreGlyndon 21071
Maryland BaltimoreHydes 21082
Maryland BaltimoreKingsville 21087
Maryland BaltimoreLong Green 21092
Maryland BaltimoreLutherville Timonium 21093
Maryland BaltimoreLutherville Timonium 21094
Maryland BaltimoreMaryland Line 21105
Maryland BaltimoreMonkton 21111
Maryland BaltimoreOwings Mills 21117
Maryland BaltimoreParkton 21120
Maryland BaltimorePerry Hall 21128
Maryland BaltimorePhoenix 21131
Maryland BaltimoreRandallstown 21133
Maryland BaltimoreReisterstown 21136
Maryland BaltimoreRiderwood 21139
Maryland BaltimoreSparks Glencoe 21152
Maryland BaltimoreStevenson 21153
Maryland BaltimoreUpperco 21155
Maryland BaltimoreUpper Falls 21156
Maryland BaltimoreWhite Hall 21161
Maryland BaltimoreWhite Marsh 21162
Maryland BaltimoreTowson 21204
Maryland BaltimoreGwynn Oak 21207
Maryland BaltimorePikesville 21208
Maryland BaltimoreSparrows Point 21219
Maryland BaltimoreMiddle River 21220
Maryland BaltimoreEssex 21221
Maryland BaltimoreDundalk 21222
Maryland BaltimoreHalethorpe 21227
Maryland BaltimoreCatonsville 21228
Maryland BaltimoreParkville 21234
Maryland BaltimoreNottingham 21236
Maryland BaltimoreRosedale 21237
Maryland BaltimoreWindsor Mill 21244
Maryland BaltimoreBaltimore 21250
Maryland BaltimoreTowson 21252
Maryland BaltimoreTowson 21286

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