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Colorado Topographic Map

by poonam bisht

The Colorado Topographic Map marks the highest and lowest points, mountains, rivers, lakes and creeks of the state.

Colorado Topographic Map

Rocky Mountains are the prime features of the topography of Colorado state. The Rockies of the state of Colorado possess the 14, 433 feet high Elbert peak which is the highest elevation. The lowest elevation point of Colorado is 3350 feet high and lies in the region covered by the Arkansas river. The Continental Divide which sets apart the Rockies into two categories Western and Eastern slope lies on the western geographic center of Colorado state. While Gore, William Fork, Sawatch, Elkhead and Elk Mountains fall under the Western Slope of Colorado, Laramie, Mosquito, Park and Medicine Bow mountains are on the Eastern Slope of the state. Colorado river is the main waterway of the state and flows from the Rockies towards Utah. Also, North Platte river, South Platte river, Arkansas river and Rio Grande river are other important watercourses of Colorado. Having 18 hot springs Colorado state has Blue Mesa Reservoir which is the largest lake of the state and is in the county of Gunnison. The Colorado state map is a facilitating tool which vividly indicates the diversified physiography of the place.

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