Map of Piacenza City

Pescara, the Italian city is a historic center, built within the Spanish walls. The main sights are: Cathedral of San Cetteo, Museo delle Genti d'Abruzzo, The native home of Gabriele D'Annunzio, Church of Sant'Andrea Apostolo etc.

Piacenza, Italy is a small town in the heart of the mountainous region, south of the river Po. The Piacentini speak a dialect of Italian, the Piacentine (or Piacentino), distinct from any other and very unintelligible to other
Italians due to different grammatical and lexical rules. Due to the growing standardization of the Italian language in the national educational system it has experienced a steady decline during the 20th century despite having numerous notable poets and writers using the Piacentine. Piacenza, Italy has been colonized time and again due to its strategic position on the Po river. The Celtic, Ligurian, Romans, Etruscans, the Punic forces and Hannibal, Christianity, Gothic Wars, Byzantine Empire city, Lombards,Sforza, France until 1521, Papal States, the Farnese family, House of Bourbon, Napoleon, Habsburg government of Maria Luisa,Austrian and Croatian milices all have sometime or the other conquered and ruled Piacenza, Italy. During World War II the city was heavily bombarded by the Allies. But renovations started as soon as peace returned. Today it is one of the prime tourist spots of Italy.

Location - The city of Piacenza, Italy is located on 45°03'N, 09°42'E coordinates.

Reaching there - It can easily be reached by boat, car or trains.

Sightseeing - Piacenza is full of places to see, palaces with splendid gardens, churches and museums.
  • Palazzo Comunale, also known as il Gotico, is one of the best preserved examples of Medieval civic building in northern Italy and is built by the model of "Broletto", typical of nearby Lombardy.
  • Palazzo Farnese, begun by Ottavio Farnese and his wife, Margaret of Austria.
  • Palazzo Landi, built in the Middle Ages but renovated in the late 15th century.
  • Palazzo Costa.
  • Palazzo Somaglia.
  • Palazzo Scotti, housing the Museum of Natural History.
  • Palazzo dei Mercanti (17th century), the current Town Hall.
Accommodations - Piacenza, offers numerous possibilities of resting places to the weary traveler no matter what his budget is. Whether it is a budget place offering only the basic amenities with food and lodging or a luxury accommodation providing all the comforts of modern technology and olde worlde hospitality - Piacenza provides for all reasons in all seasons.

Other features - Piacenza is not only unique in history or natural beauty but has a vibrant cultural life evident in its cuisine and and 18 types of wines. Piacenza also counts many illustrous personalities among its people past and present. Christopher Columbus was born here as was the world famous violin makers the Guadagnini family, it is also the birthplace of the legendary fashion creator Giorgio Armani.

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