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Schools in Germany aim to educate kids emphasizing on making them sensible and respectable citizens. In German schools, kids don't have to wear uniforms like the U.S. schools and education is also free in Germany.

In Germany (German: Deutschlandkarte), children begin their schooling at the age of six. In the first day of the school, it is a tradition to give the child a Schultuete which is a big colorful cone made from cardboard and filled with candies and other school requirements like a pencil box and a fountain pen. Majority of children in Germany learn to write with a fountain pen. The teachers encourage students to do lots of group activities and class discussions. Learning by memorizing is very unusual in German schools.

The timings of Germany schools for children are from 8a.m. to 2p.m. with a lunch break at 10a.m. There are some schools in Germany which remain open in the Saturdays. The Germany schools for kids end earlier than the typical U.S. schools. But the German children receive more homework than the Americans.

Germany schools follow a similar curriculum like the American schools, with the exception of some subjects. Kids in Germany schools study literature, math, history, geography, science and music and art. Foreign language is introduced in grade 3. English is a compulsory language but in grades 5 and 7 students can opt for Latin, Spanish, French or Russian.

Sports and other extracurricular activities take place outside the school premises. Hence the schools appear to be less spirited than the American schools. German students have more school days than the American students. Germany schools have brief summer vacations for just six weeks. They also get two weeks holiday in January, December and Easter months. There are additional holidays like religious and national holidays. Germany schools for children are reputed worldwide for easy study program planned comprehending children's psychology.

Germany has many international migrants who opt to educate their children in the English language.International Schools in Germany have many advantages. Apart from teaching in English, these International Schools in Germany give instruction in the native language. The International Schools in Germany expose the students to modern systems of education which are acclaimed to be of international standards. The global Schools in Germany are in many respects better than many native schools. Students are given knowledge on computer studies, numerous sports and extracurricular activities something they are accustomed to at their home country. The German International Schools follow a uniform curriculum which is easy to follow by the students. Being aware of the fact that students are from multicultural background, the students are subjected to a variety of cultures.

International Schools in GermanyBerlin International
Bonn International SchoolBerlin Metropolitan School
International School, DresdenJohn F. Kennedy School
Frankfurt InternationalNelson Mandela International School
InternationaleSchule, FrankfurtState International School
School of Hannover Region, HannoverIndep'dent Bonn International
Heidelberg InternationalDresden International
Franconian International, HerzogenaurachBavarian International School, Haimhausen
Black Forest Academy, KandernInternationaleSchule, Hamburg
Erasmus International, PotsdamLeipzig International
Salem International CollegeBavarian International, Munich
International School, StuttgartMunich International
Berlin BrandenburgISR International Schule am Rhein in Neuss GmbH
Berlin British SchoolThuringia International School, Weimar

International Schools in Germany are quite expensive equivalent to the cost of US college education. The International Schools in Germany are mostly certified by the European Council of International Schools (ECIS) and New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) issuing American high school diploma and the International Baccalaureate as well as the German Abitur.

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