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Sports of Djibouti

The sports of Djibouti are made up of both team activities like football and also individual sporting events like athletics. Djibouti sports are also hampered by the poor economic conditions of the country.

The list of sports in Djibouti includes team events like football. The football sport scene in Djibouti is controlled by the national football governing body- Federation Djiboutienne de Football. The national football team is popularly known as the Young Red Sea or by its French translation-Riverains de la Mer Rouge. The national football team of Djibouti currently occupies the 199th place in the world FIFA rankings. A full fledged tennis team is also a part of Djibouti Sports. The national team is controlled by the Djiboutian tennis apex body of Federation Djiboutienne de Tennis.

The sports of Djibouti also include individual sporting activities like marathon running and athletics. The most well known Djiboutian athlete is the retired marathon runner Djama Robleh. Djama Robleh won the silver medal in marathon meet at the African Championships in 1982. The current list of notable Djibouti marathon runners includes Ahmed Salah. Salah clocked 2.07.07 hours in a standard marathon run. Most sporting events in Djibouti are held at the Stade National Gouled in Djibouti City. The stadium has a capacity of accommodating 10,000 spectators.

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