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Nebraska Flag

by Aakash Singha

The flag of Nebraska was adopted on 2nd April in the year 1925 and is used ever since.

Nebraska Flag

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About Nebraska Flag

As a notable fact of Nebraska Flag history it is said that Nebraska was one of those states, which were the last to adopt a flag for their states. The Great Seal as shown on the flag has its origin in 1867.

The designer of the state seal was Isaac Wiles, who was one of the members of the House of Representatives.

Description of Nebraska Flag

The Nebraska State Flag is made of a blue field, depicting in its center the Great Seal of Nebraska. This seal is presented in gold and silver, on which certain significant images are seen. The most prominent one is that of a blacksmith beating on an anvil. The other pictures are of sheaves of wheat, a cabin, the transcontinental railroad and a steamboat sailing on a river, set in the backdrop of the scenic mountains. Above the mountains is a banner carrying the state motto, “Equality Before the Law.” Below the seal, the date March 1st 1867 is written.

Symbolism of Nebraska Flag

The aforesaid date directly states the exact date when Nebraska became a state of the Union. The Missouri river and the Rocky Mountains undoubtedly represent the beautiful natural wealth of the state. The thriving agriculture of Nebraska is symbolized through the pictures of the settler’s cabin and the sheaves of wheat. The state’s industrial development is suggested by the blacksmith and his activity. The steamboat and the train are appropriate symbols of the state’s most used means of transportation. The Nebraska Flag is a proper and perfect state symbol that stands for the state’s growing prosperity and bright future.

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