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Niger Flag

Flag of Niger

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The Niger Flag is a tricolor flag comprising of three horizontal stripes of orange, white and green respectively from top downwards. In the middle of the white strip there is an orange disc.
The standard proportion of the Niger Flag is in the ratio of 6:7. The top orange band of the flag of Niger represents the Savannah grasslands that lie in the northern regions of the Sahara Desert. The white color is symbolic of purity as well as innocence.

The green band stands for the country's rainforests and the Niger River. The orange disc in the middle of the white band signifies the celestial sun as well as the eagerness of the state to protect its freedom.

Official Name: Republiqe du Niger

Capital of Niger: Niamey

Location: Western African country bordered by Algeria libya mali upper Volta benin Nigeria and Chad.

Area: 11,267 Sq. km.

Official Languages: French.

National symbol(s):zebu

National colors: orange, white, green

National anthem:
name: "La Nigerienne" (The Nigerien)
lyrics/music: Maurice Albert THIRIET/Robert JACQUET and Nicolas Abel Francois FRIONNET

Fact about Niger flag

Designed byNA
Adopted23. November 1959
Design and ColorsA horizontal triband of orange, white and green; charged with an orange circle in the centre
Size RatioNA

Last Updated On : August 28th, 2017

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