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Limbe Map

Limbe is situated in the southwest region of Cameroon. Over time, it has grown into a seaside resort. Founded by Alfred Saker ( Baptist Missionary Society of London), this city was known as "Victoria" until 1982. Limbe is home to various ethnic groups like Christian, Muslims and Bahai. The people of this city speak in different African languages like Cameroonian Pidgin English and Bakweri. The other languages used are French and English. The native language of the city is Bakweri and the official language is English.

Limbe city has many industries like textile, chemicals, food processing and petroleum. The main exports of the city include coffee, cacao, tobacco, rubber, palm oil, cotton, sugar. This city of Cameroon serves as the center of the oil industry of Cameroon. the Limbe port is one of the most important commercial ports of the country.

Situated on a bay, Limbe is known for the beautiful golden sand beaches. The sand beaches attract a number of tourists during the peak season. The black sand beaches of Limbe make this coastal town a tourist destination. Apart from this, the major attractions of the city include:
  • Limbe Wildlife Centre
  • Limbe Botanical Gardens

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