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Chimbote is located in the Ancash region of Peru. The largest city in the region, it is also the capital of the Santa Province and the Chimbote District. It is the largest fishing port and fish processing center in Peru, and accounts for almost 75% of the total of Peru's fishing activities.

The city of Chimbote is located on the coastline, next to Chimbote Bay, to the south of the town of Trujillo, and around 422 kilometers to the north of the capital city of Peru, Lima. It forms the start of a chain of important cities, which also include Trujillo, Chiclayo and Piura. This and its strategic location on the coastline render the city of Chimbote a great junction of the fishing and other industries.

Chimbote used to be a small fishing village in the early 19th century. Gradually, realizing the strategic location of the village, efforts to expand the fishing scenario in Chimbote and to increase connectivity and communication with major cities in Peru skyrocketed. Roadways were constructed, and so were new rail tracks to link this fishing port to the rest of Peru. Except for a massive amount of fishing, there were also major hauls of bonitos and anchovy.

The port at Chimbote, Peru is large, safe and picturesque. Since fishing is the major industry here, there are a number of fish canning and processing plants. During the 1970's, a vicious El Nino or tidal wave, a devastating earthquake, and serious overfishing depleted the fish population and adversely affected the fishing industry. But Chimbote has slowly recovered from this shock, and is not the largest fishing and fish processing site in the whole of Peru.

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