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Chiclayo Map

Chiclayo Peru is the capital of the department of Lambayeque in the country. A bustling city of the modern world, Chiclayo Peru, is also known for its proximity to the archaeological sites of Peru. The mountains, beautiful beaches, local markets, the cuisine and most of all the friendly people of Chiclayo Peru make it one of the favorite tourist destinations among the cities in Peru.

The location of the city of Chiclayo is in the northern coast of the country. The city of Chiclayo is the chief center for trade and commerce in the northern side of Peru. The warmth and hospitality of the local people has given the nicknamed the "city of friendship". The local market of Chiclayo in Peru has a rural flavor to it opposed to the urbanized life in the city. The people of Chiclayo Peru assemble to buy and sell various objects in the market.

The archaeological remains of the cultures that were a part of the history of the city of Chiclayo in Peru form an important tourist attraction. The Tomb of the Lord of Sipan is an important archaeological site. The tomb of one of the leaders of the Mochica culture, Lord Sipan, is a treasure house of objects belonging to that era .

Another of the tourist attractions of Chiclayo Peru is Tucume or the valley of the pyramids with a number of interesting structures. The Bruning National Archaeological Museum exhibits a large collection of gold artifacts of the different cultures of Chiclayo Peru.

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