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Arequipa Map

Arequipa Peru is one of the most important cities in this South American country. This city stands in the second position regarding population and importance in this country, next to Lima. Arequipa is located in a very beautiful valley that is surrounded by three mountains. The major of these is the El Misti which is an inactive volcano. Arequipa Peru is situated in the valley of this majestic volcanic mountain. Arequipa city is also the capital city of the province with the same name.

Arequipa is a traditional city in Peru. It has a rich history and also culture and traditions. This city has a number of travel attractions for the travelers. Moreover, the city is seated amidst wonderful natural scenario which has added to the beauty of this city. Regarding the name of this city there are much opinions. Some say that, one Inca general named, Mayta Capac was bewitched by the spectacular beauty of this city and said "Are quepay" which means 'stay here'. According to some other opinion, the native of this city, the Aymara Indians used to call this land 'Ariquipa' which means a place behind mountains. These stories have added much to charm of this city.

Arequipa has a number of attractions. But the most interesting and attractive is the center of this city. The center of this city is made out of a white volcanic rock and has given the city a majestic beauty. Arequipa is known as the 'White City' most probably because of this pristine white rock. Arequipa is declared to be one of the World Heritage site also because of this amazing city center.

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