Society and Culture of Comoros

The invasion of Comoros by African groups, Arabs, Malayo-Indonesian people, French in different times have contributed to the growth of a multi ethnic Comoros society and culture. The mixed influence on the Comoros society and culture can be experienced in the languages, music and food of Comoros.

The culture of Comoros reveals the lifestyle of the people living in the country. Comoros is located in the Indian Ocean near the countries of Madagascar and Mozambique. It is essentially an Islamic country and the culture also revolves round the religion. The basic education of the people of Comoros starts with the Quaranic studies. The full name of the country is Republic of Comoros. The small fragments of the lifestyle of the people of Comoros build up the culture of the country.

Religion in Comoros
Comoros religion occupies an important role in the life of the people of the country. The country has a diverse history, as a result of which, quite a few religions are practiced in Comoros.

However, the main Comoros religion is the Islam. The majority of the population of the country is Muslim. The preaching of the religion of Islam among the children starts at a very young age. Children are sent to the Quranic schools at the age of five. The Islam constitutes a major part in both the religions of Comoros as well as in the constitution and practices of the country.

A small part of the population in the Comoros practice Christianity. Most of the Christian people in the Comoros believe in Roman Catholicism. There are also a few Protestant Christians in the country. Though the constitution of the country of Comoros ensures liberty to the practice of all religions, yet the Christians, who constitute only about two percent of the population, are denied several facilities. There are a few Catholic Churches in Comoros in Moroni and Mutsamudu. There are also some Protestant churches in the country.

Languages spoken in Comoros
The languages of Comoros play an important role in communication between the people of the country. The languages also play significant role in the maintenance of relationships between the people of Comoros and the citizens of other countries of the world.

There are quite a few spoken languages of Comoros, which are:
  • French
  • Arabic
  • Comorian
  • Mwali

The country of Comoros had been under the rule of the French government even a few years before. Hence, the language of France also entered the lives of the people here. French is still in use in Comoros, even after the country has gained its independence. This Comoros language is mainly used fro official purpose.

Arabic has also gained its position as one of the official languages of Comoros. The religious connections of the language with Islam have helped it gain significance in Comoros. Besides, Comorian and Mwali are also extensively spoken in the country. The other language used by dwellers of the country is called Shikomoro. This language is a blend of Swahili and Arabic.

Food of Comoros
Comoros food is popular across the globe among the real food lovers. The food of the country reveals the taste of the citizens of Comoros. There are varieties of Comoros food.

These are dependent on the location and the availability of food items on the island country. There various food items available in the island. The daily diet of the people living in Comoros include:
  1. - Rice
  2. - Fresh seafood
  3. - Meat
  4. - Cassava

Comoros being a major island in the Indian Ocean, seafood are found in abundance here. The fresh seafoods are also much popular in the country. The citizens of Comoros also love to enjoy fruits like paw paw, avocado, banana, pineapple.

Last Updated : August 1st, 2018