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Grand-Popo is one of the superb beaches of the country of Benin. Grand-Popo is located at Mono and from Cotonou it takes at about two hour by car.
From the border of Togo also the distance to Grand-Popo is very less. The beach of Grand-Popo is a major attraction at Benin.

The landscape of Grand-Popo is very exquisite and the scenic beauty of the place is beyond description. The streets of the place are very neat and clean and on the both sides of the roads there are the homes of the people of the place.

Apart from the beach of Grand-Popo, the tourists to Grand-Popo can visit Heve which is one of the major villages of Grand-Popo. Tour to Grand-Popo would also allow the visitors to have a delightful shopping experience. There are a lot of attractions at Grand-Popo.

Some of the places of attraction at Grand-Popo are:
  • Farafina Boutique: From this store the visitors can collect some of the exquisite art works.
  • Aux Beauz Arts: This particular shop that houses items made of calebasse and various types of lamps.
From the months of October to April the visitors can plan a trip to Grand-Popo. In the restaurants of Grand-Popo the travelers can get breakfast and some of the best sea-food. There are many hotels at the place which offer all the facilities to the guests.