by Vishul Malik

Abomey, a town in southern Benin is a famous tourist spot and travelers always cherish the enriching experience after visiting the place.

One of the major tourist attractions in Benin is AbomeyAbomey is a town in southern Benin. The town of Abomey is also the trade hub for a farming region where products like peanuts grain, and palm products are generally developed.

Tour to Abomey can get really interesting when the tourists would visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site museum. History says that the kingdom of Abomey was ruled by 12 kings from the period of 1625 to 1900. The royal palaces that are still present in Abomey reflect the exclusive token of the misplaced realm.

Abomey was once the capital, of the ancient kingdom of Danhome or Dahomey. The Royal Palaces that stand graciously in the center of the city are the main material proof of this civilization. The French created the Abomey Historical Museum during their colonial administration in the year 1943.

The Abomey Historical Museum consists of the palaces of King Glele and King Guezo. This site is the result of tourism and civilization. The town of Abomey was founded by the people of Fon. The palace complexes of Abomey were housed with sculptures, murals, and intricate bas-reliefs.

The tour of Abomey can be a very enriching experience for travelers. The travelers on the Abomey tour can find many good restaurants in the place. The travelers to Benin would have no difficulty accessing Abomey. Benin can be arrived by flight and to facilitate the journey some airlines also offer cheap flights to Benin.

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