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by Aakash Singha

Kouande is situated at the Atakora Department at Benin. The natural beauty of the place is splendid which is complemented by lush greenery.

In the Atakora Department of the country of Benin, the town of Kouandé is situated. Kouandé is located within the arrondissement of Kouandé which is again positioned in the commune of Kouandé.

The old city and region Koundae Ganni is celebrated which is a religious and yearly festival of the “Batonu”. At Kouandé there is also an imperial generous palace that would be in the process of rehabilitation soon. The local greenery of the place is simply exquisite. The atmosphere is soothing and it would definitely attract the visitors.

The fauna of the local area includes deer and the unique architecture of the houses of the local people is also very interesting to look at which can be seen on the tour to Kouandé. Water and plants both beautify the area of Kouandé. A tour of Benin can be really fun and exciting for the tourists. The country is full of attractions and there are many places that tourists can explore.

The Atakora department where the town of Kouandé is located in the northwestern department of the country of Benin. This particular department shares boundaries with Burkina Faso to the northern side and Togo to the western side. The Atakora department has hilly relief features and is the most mountainous area in the country.

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