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South Dakota Topographic Map

by poonam bisht

South Dakota is in the Midwestern region of USA. Map shows the trends in the elevation of the state which also affects it's climate.

South Dakota Topographic Map

The South Dakota Topography consists of the Great Plains on the western front, Central Lowlands on the eastern side and the Black Hills.

The three Topographic zones of South Dakota are further categorized under 12 different physical areas. The 7242 ft Harney Peak in the Black Hills is the highest elevation point of South Dakota state. Whereas the Big Stone Lake on the northeast of the state has the lowest point with a hight of 966 ft. The South Dakota Topographic Map provides illustrative information about the entire physiographic region of the state. Missouri river is a significant component of the topography of South Dakota state. With tributaries like that of Cheyenne, Big Sioux, James, Grand, Moreau, Vermillion and white Rivers, Missouri river passes through the southeastern and southern locations of South Dakota. Ft. Randall, Oahe, Gavins Point and Big Bend are the notable dams built on river Missouri. Lakes in South Dakota are also an integral part of the state’s topography. Oahe, Lewis and Clark, Traverse, Francis Case and big Stone are the main lakes of the state of South Dakota. The South Dakota state map also offers a complete range of information regarding the topography of the state.

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