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Viseu Region, Portugal

Viseu has gone through an appreciable economic development, mostly in the arenas of trade, education, telecommunications and industry. But it has not given up its heritage of luscious greenery.
Viseu, a historic city, this territory has been populated since time immemorial. Down the centuries the most dissimilar civilizations settling there have left their mark, some of are still easily recognizable. Viseu, throughout history, has shared the fate, the glories and the crises of this country. In this riverine area, the variety in flora and fauna and the sheer granite cliffs are responsible for its unique meditative visual aspect. The belvederes, or high viewing points allow the absorbency of the gripping natural beauty.

Location of Viseu

Viseu is situated in the subregion Dão-Lafõesof the Centro region in Portugal.

Sightseeing in Viseu

Viseu is a very popular tourist destination and has many interesting things to be experienced. Apart from the obvious historic and religious places of interest, there are scores of innovative museums and local cultural programs to be seen. Carnivals and fairs of Portuguese styles are regularly organized. Theextraordinary diversity of flora and fauna along with the local crafts like weaving, embroidery, pottery, basketry, smithies and joineries make it a very fascinating place.

Accommodations at Viseu

Viseu has both star accommodation and bed and breakfast provisions, this makes it interesting for people who need budget accommodation and also the luxury seekers.