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New Zealand Physical Map

New Zealand Physical Map
Description:Physical Map of New Zealand showing mountain ranges, plateaus, rivers, plains etc. Disclaimer

The highest mountain ranges are located within the Southern Alps that in turn form the essential backbone of the South Island. Some of the noted mountain peaks, which add to the popularity of New Zealand are as follows:
  • Aoraki/Mount Cook - 3,724 meters
  • Mount Tasman - 3,497 meters
  • Mount Dampier - 3,440 meters
  • Mount Vancouver - 3,309 meters
  • Silberhorn - 3,300 meters
  • Malte Brun - 3,198 meters
  • Mount Hicks - 3,198 meters
  • Mount Lendenfeld - 3,194 meters
  • Mount Graham - 3,184 meters
  • Torres Peak - 3,160 meters
When it comes to sea ports, the country never disappoints. On the tour to New Zealand one can witness multiple sea ports, including, Port of Napier, Port Chalmers, Timaru, and Tauranga.

Other Physical Features
New Zealand is located on the boundary of the Pacific tectonic plates and Indo-Australian plates. In fact, it is due to its position that the country is prone to volcanic activity and earthquakes. In fact, the Southern Alps has resulted from the meeting of the above two plates.

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