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Frederikshavn Map

Today Frederikshavn has gained recognition as a popular harbor on the northern coast of Denmark. It is a part of the Frederikshavn municipality that is located on the Jutland peninsula of Denmark.
Being an important harbor the city has important links to other internationally cities like Oslo, Laeso and Goteborg. The numerous ports and harbors located here have transformed it into a major hub for fishing.

The population of Frederikshavn is quite low as is the case with the other regions of Denmark and it surges up to 23,636 as per the census of 2006.

Historical relics have dated the city back to the 16 th century. Some buildings of the 16 th century and the 18 th century can be still seen standing in Frederikshavn. The important ferry connections of the city has made it a hub for such big business houses as MAN/BW Alpha, Martin, there is also a Naval base located in Frederikshavn. The royal yacht and the icebreakers are also based here. However, the flourishing shipping industry of Frederikshavn sank down as had never been before in the last decade. Due to this the area suffered with a huge problem of unemployment.

Throughout the centuries, this city served as an important naval base for Denmark through its many wars. The city houses important harbors including:
  • Ronner Harbour
  • Pleasureboat
  • Northern Entrenchment Harbour
  • Frederikshavn Harbour
  • Naval Harbour
  • Sea Sports Harbour
  • Neppen's Harbour
Other attractions of Frederikshavn include:-
  • Bangsbo Museum
  • Frederikshavn Art Museum
  • Frederikshavn Shipyard Historical Society


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