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Where is Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a republic located in southern Central America on the isthmus between North and South Americas.

Costa Rica Location Map Costa Rica Map Costa Rica Map
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Costa Rica is a Central American country bounded by North Pacific Ocean in the west and the Caribbean Sea in the east. Its land boundary is with Nicaragua in the north and Panama in the south and south east. Costa Rica, officially the ‘Republic of Costa Rica’ has many islands within its territory, Calero Island is the largest island of the country. Costa Rica’s location between 8° and 12°N latitudes and 82° and 86°W longitudes is responsible for the country’s tropical and sub-tropical climate. Costa Rica including all its territories covers a total area of 51,100 sq. km. and is the hundred and thirtieth largest country of the world. Costa Rica has 1290 km long coastline. San Jose is its capital and largest city and is also the sixth most important destination of Latin America.

Economically Costa Rica though is a developing country but as per UNDP, 2010 it has attained higher human development than many world countries at the same per capita income level. Culturally Costa Rica shows the essence of Spanish culture mainly because of the immigration of Spanish people in the early centuries. Costa Rica also has diverse plant and animal life. It has many protected areas and national parks, which attracts many eco tourists to the country.

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