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Rogaska Slatina

Rogaska Slatina is a resort with a difference because it seeks to preserve the age old serenity and beauty of the spa town. Although it was in the 19th century that the city became a formalized
spa town with its water commercialized for use for oral cure, the world wars certainly altered the situation a little. The number of visitors to the spa decreased but did not stop. The trickle of visitors once again has turned into a torrent now that there is a cessation in the regional violence. However it should be noted that cars are not encouraged in this pristine town.

Location of Rogaska Slatina - Rogaska Slatina is located in the eastern part of Slovenia, at the co-ordinates 48014' N and 15038' E.

Reaching Rogaska Slatina - The spa town of Rogaska Slatina is easily accessible from Ljubljana, by roadways and by rail with both bus and rail stations located towards the southern end of the resort.

Sightseeing in Rogaska Slatina - Rogaska Slatina, is encompassed on all sides by beautiful trails for walking and biking, excellent therapy centers and a world famous crystal factory along with the Rogaska Riviera.

Accommodations in Rogaska Slatina - All classes of hotels and other accommodations are available in the resort town to suit the pockets of all types of visitors. Four star to just ordinary bed and breakfast all are available to the visitors. However it must be mentioned that due to the rise in the popularity of the spa, the accommodations are being filled to capacity. Hence it is wise to make a confirmed booking prior to arriving to this place of healing beauty.