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Spodnjeposavska is situated near the area where Sava river coming from sub-Alpine peaks, embarks into the Pannonian Plain.
Location of Spodnjeposavska
Spodnjeposavska is a region of Slovenia. It is located in the South-eastern part of the country, near the border of Croatia. Sevnica, skocjan, Krsko and Brezice are the municipalities of Spodnjeposavska, Slovenia. Spodnjeposavska is a densely populated region of the country. It is also an agricultural hub of Slovenia.

Attractions of Spodnjeposavska
Spodnjeposavska is surrounded by forested sub-Alpine mountains, which boasts of picturesque villages and farms. The area where Sava, Krka and Sotla rivers meet presents a beautiful view. The low wine-growing hills are the major site of attraction of this region. The towns of Brestanica, Krsko, Sevnica, and Brezice boasts several castles built during medieval period. The Spodnjeposavska is a important source of workforce and electricity.

Transport Facilities at Spodnjeposavska
Spodnjeposavska is located within the traffic route and hence boasts for a good accessibility through road and railways. Central Slovenia is accessible through railways as well as roadways because Spodnjeposavska is situated near Ljubljana-Zagreb. Since 1991 the region provided transport services at two crucial road and railway frontier crossings of the country.

Spodnjeposavska is an attractive recreational region of Slovenia.