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Government and Politics in Chad

Chad Government and politics is characterized by a republican set up. The Constitution of Chad describes Chad as Republic of Chad. The Republic of Chad is headed by the President of Chad.
The Government of Chad is headed by the Prime Minister of Chad. The Government of Chad comprises the Executive branch the Legislative branch and the judicial branch.

Chad celebrates its independence day on 11th August. Chad adopted its constitution in 1958 and passed by referendum on 31st March 1996. In another referendum in June 2005 constitutional term limits were removed.

The Executive Branch
The executive branch of the Chad government includes the President of Chad, the Prime minister of Chad and a cabinet.

The President of Chad is the chief of the state. He is elected by popular vote for a five year term. In the event of the winning person getting less than 50 % of the total votes, a second round of elections is held between the two candidates receiving the most votes. The present President Lt. Gen. Idriss Deby Itno was elected in May 2006.

The Prime minister of Chad is appointed by the President. The current Prime Minister Nouradine D. K. Koumakoye was appointed in February 2007. The cabinet comprising Council of State members is appointed by the President on recommendations of the Prime minister.

The Legislative branch
The legislative branch is made up of the unicameral National Assembly. The 155 members of the National Assembly are elected by popular vote for a period of four years. The last National Assembly election was held in April 2002.

The Judicial Branch
The judicial branch of the Chad Government includes the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal, Criminal courts and Magistrate Courts.

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