South Africa Weather

Weather in South Africa varies depending upon its landform topology and the influence of the seas. Weather in South Africa is responsible for the development of its charecteristic natural vegetation and agricultural patterns. Weather in South Africa is one of the most important factors for the growth of the South African economy.

South African weather is a combined result of the impact of the seas and the various landforms like the Highveld to the north and the south Namib to the north west. Climate in South Africa makes for hot dry atmosphere for the most part of the year in north west to western areas. However the eastern portions receive generous rains and hence are clothed in tropical vegetation. But the best of the South African climate is enjoyed by the farthest south west which has a weather noticeably alike to the Mediterranean having humid drippy winters and blistery, rainless summers. Such a weather has given rise to a flourishing wine making industry here, earning it the mnemonic of the Garden Route.

The dry bushland on the Highveld, created by the long dry summers of the weather in South Africa, are the primary areas for watching the big cats from which South Africa earns its highest amount of foreign exchange.

Last Updated on: October 24th, 2017