Cape Town Weather

Information about Cape Town weather helps the tourists to determine the best time to visit this exceptionally beautiful city in South Africa.

The geographical location of the city plays a crucial role in determining Cape Town weather. The city is located between two oceans namely the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean which casts a considerable influence on its weather.

Cape Town Weather - The Seasons
The summer season in Cape Town is quite pleasant, as the city is not exposed to the scorching heat characteristic of other African nations. The winters are not chilly but mild.

The weather in Cape Town during the summer months is soothing and the temperatures range between 15°C to 27°C. The summer season in Cape Town begins from the month of November and lasts till February. Winter season in Cape Town begins from the month of June and ends in August. The average temperature during the winter times range from 7°C to 20°C. Snowfall occurs in the regions of the Cederberg and the Boland Mountains. The weather in Cape Town, at the time when winter gives way to summer, causes the wild flowers to bloom. This constitutes a breathtaking sight.

Rainfall in Cape Town
The Cape Peninsula receives rainfall throughout the year. The Indian and Atlantic Oceans cause intermittent sea breezes, which make the weather really pleasant. Mornings in Cape Town are usually less windy than any other time of the day. The 'Cape Doctor' is one of the strong winds blowing across the Cape. This southeasterly wind leads to cloud formation at the top of the Table Mountains.

Cape Town climate is of the Mediterranean type. It is very similar to the Californian weather with mild winters and pleasant summers. Cape Town is very popular among tourists and film-makers as they flock to this city situated in the Southern Hemisphere during the months of June, July and August when the Northern Hemisphere bears the heat of the summer sun. The weather of the city can be very unpredictable at times. Often in the span of 24 hours one may experience all the four seasons. It is advised to tourists to consult the city weather department before heading for trekking or hiking to find out about daily weather forecasts.

Cape Town can be visited during anytime of the year although autumn and spring are considered to be the best times to visit this city. The autumn season lasts from April to May while spring is experienced in September and October. Tourists visiting Cape Town during these months should make hotel reservations well in advance in order to avoid the rush during tourist season.

Last Updated on: October 24th, 2017