Education in South Africa

The high quality of South Africa Education has largely effected the economic growth of the country. South Africa is considered to possess the most progressive democracy in the whole world.

South Africa Education has been globally accepted as one of the most competitive education system, which can be obtained at very low fees. Apart from the range of schools, colleges and universities, there are several huge research centres primarily focused on indigenous and highly developed technologies.

South Africa Education Facts

According to the survey made by the Department of Education in 2003 about 97% children in South Africa attend some form of educational institution. There are 12.3 million learners, 26,292 schools with nearly 386,600 teachers in the country. Some of these schools are independent or private and the rest are under the government.

South Africa Educational Levels

South Africa Education can be categorized into three separate levels:
  • General Education - the basic education starts from grade 0 and ends at grade 12, which is completed in 13 years.
  • Further Education - grade 10 to 12 is considered as further education, which includes career oriented education.
  • Higher Education - Bachelors degree, Post Graduate diplomas, Masters degree, Doctorate degrees are included in Higher Education.

Some of the popular schools and colleges of South Africa are:
  • Afrikaanse Hoer Meisieskool Pretoria
  • American International School of Johannesburg
  • Bakenkop Laerskool
  • Capital Tutorial College
  • Fleur Laerskool
  • Queen's College

South Africa Education is very progressive indeed and the percentage of literacy is increasing day by day.

Last Updated on: October 23rd, 2017