Cape of Good Hope South Africa

Cape of Good Hope, also known as Cape Province, was formerly a South African state. Among the four traditional provinces of South Africa, Cape of Good Hope is the largest one.
It is situated on the Atlantic coast of South Africa. Cape of Good Hope is one of the great capes of the Southern Ocean. It has been significant to sailors for many years.

History of Cape of Good Hope

Bartholomeu Dias was the first European to reach the cape and he named the cape as Cape of Storms. Later, John II renamed the cape as Cape of Good Hope. The dutch were the first people to settle on the lands of the province. The Cape Colony was invaded by the United Kingdom in 1795. After a few years the British forces came back and the cape was once again occupied by them. Cape Colony used to be a British colony till 1910 when it became a part of the Republic of South Africa.

Flora and Fauna of Cape of Good Hope

The Cape of Good Hope is known for mountains and sea beaches. There are about two hundred and fifty species ofbirds. The province is full of sun-birds and sugar-birds, which are also known as the nectar birds. Fynbos, a special type of a bush, is found on the alkaline soils of this province. There are some well-known fynbos plants, namely, proteas, restios and ericas.

Last Updated on: October 23rd, 2017