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Peru Weather

Since Peru is a vast country so Peru weather varies according to zones. Different regions of Peru experiences different Peru weather.

Peru climate is such that some parts of Peru receive very little rainfall. In the coastal areas thick fogs and light drizzle are found between the months of May and November. The average annual temperature in this area varies between 14°C and 18°C. The summer season is experienced between December and April. There is a decrease of humidity during the summer season and bright sunshine is experienced.

Weather in Peru makes Andean Valleys experience dry and warm climate all throughout the year. This area receives some rain during summer.

We get to know from the Weather of Peru that the average temperature of Arequipa is 7°C to 21°C. The precipitation received by this city is 0mm-40mm. The average temperature of Cuzco is 0°C to 21°C. The precipitation received by this city is 0.5mm-145mm. The average temperature of Iquitos is 20°C to 32°C. The precipitation received by this city is 160mm-300mm. The average temperature of Lima is 15°C to 27°C. The precipitation received by this city is 0mm-20mm.

In Lima the rainy season is between June and September. The mountains receive rainfall between November-March. North and East highlands receive heavy rainfall between October and April. Amazon experiences hot and humid climate.

The Amazon Basin in Peru has rain forest type of climate. Less precipitation and desert like climate is noticed in the region around Lima. At low altitudes tropical climate is found in the Andes but the higher altitudes are very cold. All throughout the year the peaks remains covered with snow.