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Narsarsuaq Map

Narsarsuaq in southern Greenland was established as an Air Base by USA in 1941 during World War II. The code name of Narsarsuaq was 'Blue West One' and its chief duty was to attend to the convoys of the Allied Forces and to demolish submarines belonging to Germany.

The US left Narsarsuaq in 1958. Since 1988 the Home Rule in Greenland is in charge of Narsarsuaq.

The term Narsarsuaq means the great plain in Greenlandic. The small population of Narsarsuaq is employed in the airport and the tourism industry. The place offers an overview of the flora and fauna of Greenland and the beauty of the glaciers and ice cover.

The towns nearest Narsarsuaq are Narsaq and Qaqortoq. The ice fjord and Black River area accessed by boats are also favorite tourist attractions as seals and seabirds can be seen in their natural surroundings. Fishing is another activity to indulge in, the main catch being trout, cod, etc.

The Officers Mess in the US Army Base has been transformed into a Museum with collection of records and other items associated with the Air Base in Narsarsuaq. The walking tour with a guide to the Narsarsuaq Glacier through the Flower Valley is another preferred activity, where one can actually walk on the glacial floor.

The animals generally seen in and around Narsarsuaq are arctic fox and mountain hare. The different birds found in the area range from white-tailed eagle, peregrine and mountain falcon to mountain grouse and raven. Several types of wading birds and passerine birds are also seen in Narsarsuaq.
The Hole is a lake near Narsarsuaq with a large number of fish in it. The specialty of the lake is the flowing out and refilling of the water by the two channels. Narsarsuaq depends mostly on its tourism. The main hotel there is the Hotel Narsarsuaq which provides comfort to all visitors.

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