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The Harju county of Estonia is located at latitude of 58° 57' 30 N and longitude of 22° 55' 0 E. Harju is also known by the name of Harjumaa. The county of Harju is located in the northern part of Estonia.
It is surrounded by Laane Viru County in the east, Jarva in the south-east, Rapla in the south and Laane in the south-west.

Harju County is governed by a governor, who serves for a period of five years. The current governor is Varner Lootsmann. Tallinn falls under this county. The Harju County in Estonia is divided into 18 rural municipalities and six urban municipalities. The cities and towns that are located near Harju are Reikama, Kolunomme, Saare, Kukka, Tempa, Partsi and Kuri.

  • Bronze Soldier of Tallinn: It is a monument depicting an Estonian army in Soviet Uniform.
  • Tuhala Karst Region: Witch Well and Virulase Karst Caves are some of the major attractions of the place.
  • Old Town of Tallinn: This belongs to the UNESCO world heritage list.
  • Turisalu Bank: This provides an exotic view of the island of Vaana-Joesuu and Naissaar.
  • Jagala Waterfall: This waterfall has created a valley in the place by cutting the limestone edges with its high speed of flow.

Other places of attraction include:
  • Lahemaa Nature Park
  • Pohja-Korvemaa Landscape Reserve
  • Pakri Islands
  • Viru Bog Nature Trail

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